Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Property Maintenance

Being a landlord isn’t always an easy job. And it gets all the more challenging when you want to implement sustainable initiatives on your properties.

As we continue to experience the effects of climate change and encourage the implementation of more sustainable practices, it’s clear that eco-friendly property maintenance is a crucial necessity rather than a luxurious desire.

To help you do your part in taking care of our planet, we present a guide that details a few sustainable and eco-friendly property maintenance practices.

Use Sustainable Building Materials

First and foremost, it’s critical to use sustainable building materials when constructing, renovating, or repairing your property. From reclaimed wood to metal roofs, you have a variety of options that make it easy for you to implement eco-friendly property management right from the start. But that’s not all, because using sustainable materials may also save you money in the long run due to their longevity. 

Go Paperless in Your Communication

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change, and unfortunately, we use trees as if they’re an infinite resource. If we continue to cut down trees without care and replanting, it can lead to substantial issues, including increasing temperatures, extreme weather, and rising sea levels. With simple steps such as going paperless in your communication and processes such as running tenant screening reports, you can become more sustainable in your property management.

Install Solar Panels

For many landlords, installing a solar panel kit can seem like a huge undertaking due to the upfront costs. However, when you look at this with a long-term vision that includes sustainability, you see the advantages of renewable energy. Renewable energy might have upfront costs, but it can save you and your tenants money on energy bills over time. This can also reduce tenant turnover and attract great tenants who also prioritize sustainability.

Improve the Energy-Efficiency of Your Property

In addition to using sustainable building materials during maintenance and improvements, there are additional sustainable living ideas that include installing energy-efficient fixtures that make your property more eco-friendly. This includes energy-efficient windows to reduce AC/heat use, doors, and HVAC systems. Even though these options are slightly more expensive than traditional fixtures, you get a good return on investment by reducing energy costs and incurring a higher lease.

Power Outdoor Lights With Renewable Energy

For some landlords, making big property improvements can seem like a financial burden. If you’re on a budget, you can still make small enhancements to your property that are more eco-friendly. For example, by using a solar torch or garden lamp for outdoor lighting, you can make sure that you reduce your dependence on fossil fuel energy. This approach helps you save on maintenance costs and permits you to charge higher monthly fees.

Implement low-flow fixtures

Water is one of the most important resources in the world, and reducing water pollution in addition to saving our limited water resources is paramount. When managing one or multiple properties, ensure you’re proactive with preventing and fixing water leaks, planting drought-friendly, native plants in your zone, limiting the use of sprinklers, and installing water-saving fixtures. This can dramatically reduce the water use on your property.  

Set Up a Community Garden

Taking care of the planet is not one person’s job. Until we all do our part to show Earth the love and care it deserves, the significant changes that are necessary for the preservation of our planet won’t be possible. One way to get tenants involved in sustainable actions is by planting a garden on your property with raised garden beds and planters.

A garden helps others to live a more sustainable lifestyle and provides food security to your tenants. This can also make your property stand out among other listings.

These actions aren’t difficult and help implement sustainability into your property management style. These practices not only benefit the planet, but many of them can make your property more appealing to tenants and even save you money on operational costs, giving you all the more reason to embrace eco-friendly property management.