25 Easy Tips To Green New Year Resolutions 2022

Nov. 3, 2021 | Written by Gargie

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The year 2021 was indeed a big wake-up call for everyone. The Earth itself seems to have become a limited resource. We have to start incorporating eco-friendly habits in our daily lives if we are to make any positive change. The use of fossil fuels has increased the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at an alarming rate. This has resulted in a rise in the overall temperature across the globe by nearly 1.5 degrees Celsius. This spells disaster for the polar ice caps and glaciers, which means rising sea levels and unpredictable weather conditions.

Similarly, increasing carbon footprint, unnecessary use of plastic, rising number of landfills all can destroy the planet. But with sustainable living and a conscious approach towards reducing carbon footprint, you can reverse this process. On the other hand, pollution can lead to the extinction of flora and fauna and can even cause untold diseases to humans. It is imperative to take green New Year resolutions that will help reduce your carbon footprint. Even the slightest effort helps! Some of the best green New Year resolutions for a green life are as follows:

Tip 1: Start carrying a shopping bag

cotton bag

To usher in a green New Year, you must make specific changes in your daily habits. A green New Year means making conscious changes to reduce your carbon footprint, and that can start by taking a sustainable shopping bag whenever you go to the grocers or even when you go shopping for clothes. It is natural to ask the grocer's to give you a plastic bag to put your grocery items in. But these single-use plastic bags are one of the most dangerous pollutants. These take thousands of years to decompose and fill our oceans, seas, and rivers with harmful chemicals thereby, destroying marine flora and fauna. It is vital to choose eco-friendly items, and as a part of your green New Year resolutions, you should start by carrying cotton or jute bags whenever necessary.

Tip 2: Check if you can recycle

please recycle

Your Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions must include recycling. Check your home for items that you can convert and reuse. But be careful about recycling. Do not add chemicals that increase indoor air pollutions. Instead, choose eco-friendly items such as recycling old clothes, plastic bottles, or even old furniture. When you look around your home, you will find several old things that you can recycle and reuse. For example, you can convert old plastic bottles to small planters for indoor plants. This will be eco-friendly, and it will add a cozier style to your home.

Tip 3: Try to up-cycle

up-cycle bottles

Among your green New Year resolutions, up-cycling should also have an important role to play. Up-cycling means adding more value to an old item. This would mean you will have to make the product all the more stylish. For instance, you have old plastic bottles; you can use these to make decorative items. Similarly, you can take old tires and convert these into furniture. So when you think of eco-friendly ways of converting old items in your home, one of the best ways would be to take the old products and add value to them or up-cycling the products.

Tip 4: Use biodegradable cleaning products

biodegradable dish brush

When it comes to living sustainably, it is essential to choose bio-degradable items. You might wonder how to choose eco-friendly cleaning items. But you can do so by choosing organic cleaning fluids and cleaning brushes that are made of wood. For example, wooden dusting brushes are usually made of coir or jute bristles. Hence, when these become old, and end up having to dispose them overtime, you don’t have to worry whether these will degrade with time, release toxic fumes or if they end up in a garbage dump. Similarly, when you use organic cleaning fluids, these do not remove any harmful fumes even when you use them while cleaning. Check this link to know more about wooden dusting brushes

Tip 5: Start composting

Another aspect of your green New Year should be to get into the habit of composting. This is simple and one of the most eco-friendly habits that you can incorporate into yourself. It should also be a part of your zero-waste effort. Composting is a simple process. To make a conscious change, all you need to do is collect the items like vegetable peels, coffee grounds, spoilt fruits, and vegetables and put these in a secluded part of your garden or backyard. You can cover this with a bit of dirt soil, and over time it will change into compost. You can also invest in a regular composting bin and follow the process mentioned in the manual to compost like a pro. It is defiantly a rewarding effort.

Tip 6: Avoid using disposable items

One of the best ways of becoming eco-friendly is to avoid using disposable items like Styrofoam plates, plastic spoons, forks, and other such things. It is natural to take these products every day when you pack your lunch for work, school or take food for a picnic. Instead, use plates and spoons that you can reuse. You can make arrangements where they can serve food in reusable lunch boxe. The disposable containers, plates, spoons, and forks will not end in landfills and cause pollution. It will also help in reducing your carbon footprint.

Tip 7: Chose to use eco-friendly decorative items

eco-friendly rattan basket

When you think of Sustainability Tips for 2022, you need to look around your home and check the things you can change if you are planning to change the décor of your home, then why not give it a warm and rustic feel by introducing rattan baskets. These baskets are ideal for putting your potpourri and dried flower bouquets. In addition, these baskets are perfect to be recycled and up-cycled. Since rattan baskets are made entirely from bio-degradable materials, you can rest assured that these baskets will decompose if you choose to dispose of them in the future. These baskets can also be used to store small items and can completely change the décor of your home.

Similarly, look at your home and check if decorative items you can be replaced with eco-friendly items. This will not only add an essential part of your green New Year resolution but it will give your home a completely new look. Check out our eco-friendly rattan baskets.

Tip 8: Air dry your clothes

It is a natural tendency to use a dryer to dry your clothes. But it is a wastage of energy. The washing machine that you use dries your clothes up to nearly seventy percent. You can quickly dry your clothes if you hang these up on a clothesline. Saving energy should also be a part of your endeavor to be environment-friendly. Dryers in our homes use a significant amount of energy to dry the clothes, releasing an extensive amount of fumes into the atmosphere. Hence, reducing the use of dryers will minimize the wastage of power and the release of water vapor and fumes into the atmosphere.

Tip 9: Try to cook at home and order raw materials from farm to table centers

An essential part of being eco-friendly is to reduce wastage in all respects. One of the ways of doing that would be to start cooking at home and reduce ordering food online. The food is delivered in plastic bags, cardboard boxes with disposable forks, and spoons when you order takeouts. These items cause environmental pollution and end up in landfills. When you start cooking at home, you will find this is a healthier option and it is also environment friendly. When you are cooking at home, check for options that offer vegetables and livestock that are free-range. Just like you visit restaurants that offer farm-to-table options, some farms provide the same to your home. Get in touch with centers that provide farm-to-table options that offer non-GMO food, organic farming, and eco-friendly farming techniques when you cook at home.

Tip 10: Take a walk or a bicycle whenever you can


One of the most significant pollutants is fossil fuels. Whenever you take out your car, you burn fossil fuels, releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere. One way to reduce it would be to take a walk or a bicycle whenever you can. This is the most environmentally friendly way to travel short distances. It is also one of the healthiest ways of traveling. For instance, you need to go to the local convenient store, instead of taking out your car, take a walk or ride out on your bike. This way, you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

Tip 11: Switch of the lights

When you are not in a room, you must switch the lights and the electrical devices in the room. Saving energy is one of the best ways of saving energy. It can also help you to reduce your energy bill significantly. Many homeowners mention that this simple habit of switching the lights and the electrical devices behind them has helped them reduce their energy expenses in the long run. One of the things to consider when it comes to energy saving is to be a little careful. Energy-saving can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce environmental pollution.

Tip 12: Do an energy audit

This is imperative as it will help you identify if there are devices in your home that use more energy than expected. For example, if there are CFL bulbs in your home, then you can change these to energy-saving LED bulbs. Similarly, check the other electrical devices in your house, and if these are old, then you could replace these with modern energy-saving ones. Initially, this might seem to be a significant investment. Still, you will find that the investment will be worthwhile in the long run because you can save significantly on your energy expenses. Furthermore, you will reduce your energy expenses, and you can quickly pay off the initial investment in replacing the devices.

Tip 13: Make your bathroom eco-friendly

eco-friendly bath brushes

The eco-friendly tips for 2022 isn’t complete without covering your bathroom. This includes reducing wastage of water and changing the items that you use in your bathroom. If you look around your bathroom, you will find shower brushes, body brushes, facial cleaning brushes, and other similar items. These are usually made of plastic, which means there will be non-biodegradable. In order to reduce carbon footprint, you can choose body brushes and facial brushes made of bamboo. Not only are these eco-friendly, but you can be assured that these will last longer than your regular plastic brushes. These will also prove to be excellent investments, and you can find such body shower brushes at GreenLiving.

Tip 14: Consider buying in bulk

buy vegetable in bulk

If you plan to go grocery shopping, it is a good idea to buy in bulk. Experts who advise people to reduce their carbon footprint and be better at savings always ask homeowners to buy in bulk. This will mean fewer trips to the grocery store, and you will waste less fuel. Along with that, you will also save when you purchase in bulk. Furthermore, most stores give discounts and coupons to customers when buying in bulk. Hence, purchasing in bulk can prove to be worthwhile both to your pocket and to the environment!

Tip 15: Purchase from thrift stores and shop locally

It is not a bad idea to check out the thrift stores locally, especially when looking for a bargain buy. When you plan to go eco-friendly, it is always best to check out products that have been recycled and up-cycled. It is your way of reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, thrift stores often have excellent products and have many years of wear left in them. Similarly, if you plan to purchase new items, consider completely recycled products such as recycled furniture. When you buy locally you can take a walk to the nearest store. It can help reduce pollution and support the local businesses.

Tip 16: Purchase furniture made of reclaimed wood

One of the causes for the loss of forest cover is the cutting down trees to make furniture. You can easily opt to purchase steel furniture. But if you are looking to buy furniture made of wood, you should choose ones made of reclaimed wood. These are made of wood that is old and has been a part of vintage buildings or structures. Such wood is usually disposed of, but when converted to furniture, it adds to sustainable living and makes the process environment-friendly. So if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint to make your home look stylish, you could opt to purchase furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Tip 17: Carry a reusable water bottle

reusable bottle

One of the most significant pollutants on the surface of the Earth is the single-use water bottle. In other words, the water bottle that you purchase, and you throw in the bin when you finish drinking water is one of the most common and terrible pollutant. This single bottle will take thousands of years to decompose, and most likely, it will end in a landfill. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you should opt for an eco-friendlier method of drinking water, which would be to carry a reusable water bottle to work, park, yoga classes etc. There are several types of water bottles available in the market from stainless steel, sugarcane, to glass bottle. You can purchase anyone and reuse the water bottle as you are on the go. Refill it when it is empty, and you will not have to replace it for a long time. Water bottles, especially the ones that are made of steel, tend to last for years. This will protect the environment from plastic bottles and ensure that you do your bit to project the environment. Moreover, purchasing a good water bottle can prove to be economical as well.

Tip 18: Become a conscious driver

Learn how to drive smart to reduce unnecessary wastage of fuel. In the present economic times, it is essential to 'go green and reduce energy wastage. However, it is not just for us; it is vital to save these precious resources for our posterity. One of the best ways to reduce the wastage of fuel is to prevent unnecessary braking and acceleration.

Tip 19: Separate your waste materials

zero-waste products

The garbage that is generated from your home daily needs to be separated before it is disposed of. By default, all items that you throw in the garbage end in a landfill. But if you throw plastic, glass, wires, defunct electrical devices, or other similar items in the garbage, you are causing damage to the environment. Hence, it would be best to separate the junk generated from your home into biodegradable and non-biodegradable items. The biodegradable items can be used for composting, especially if these are items like vegetable or fruit peels. Otherwise, it would be best to put these in a separate bin designated for biodegradable items. The other things will be for non-biodegradable products. Thus, it will be easier for the junk removal company to separate the products and dispose of the garbage accordingly.

Tip 20: Start driving an electric car

This is probably one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This requires an initial investment, but it pays off in the long run. If you consider this, a hybrid will help reduce your fuel consumption, which means it will reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. However, it also means that it will release noxious fumes, which get released into the atmosphere every time you take out your car. Along with that, these cars are offered tax incentives. You will be enjoying excellent tax credit as the owner of a hybrid or an electric vehicle. The incentives are several when you purchase an electric car. Most importantly, you will be reducing your carbon footprint significantly by buying and driving an electric vehicle.

Tip 21: Carpool whenever you can

One of the best ways of reducing your carbon footprint would be to opt for a carpool whenever you can. If you take out your car or order a cab when you are going to work, only one person goes to a single destination. This means a significant amount of fuel is being wasted to drive a few miles. However, if you use the carpool option, several individuals can be traveling in a similar direction, and it will use the same amount of fuel to transport more than one person. Therefore, the process seems not only worthwhile but also economical. A carpool is an economical option from a monetary perspective and a fuel wastage point of view. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you can try discussing the prospect of a carpool with your co-workers. Otherwise, you can always carpool with the help of various app cab options such as Uber pool.

Tip 22: Use public transportation

This might not be an option for the elderly, but for the younger generation, public transport is an option they can use if they want to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are not in a rush to reach a place and take a train or a bus ride to your destination, you should opt for public transportation when necessary. It is not just a change of pace; it could be an exciting experience and help connect with other passengers as well. It will give you an idea of public transportation and help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip 23: Eat less meat and dairy

eat less

Opting to eat less meat and dairy can prove to be healthy for you and the environment. Studies show that one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions are from the farms that raise livestock. This means that when you eat less meat and dairy, the farms produce fewer amounts of livestock. Subsequently, as demand falls, the number of animals being raised reduces, and greenhouse gas emissions also reduce. Moreover, raising livestock also means utilizing a significant amount of water to keep the animals healthy. This creates a strain on the already diminishing amount of potable water on Earth.

The dirty water generated from these farms is often released untreated into water bodies, thereby contaminating the local water bodies. Livestock farming is significant pollution-causing activity. But if you reduce your consumption of meat and dairy products, the demand for livestock farming will reduce environmental pollution. Of course, it will require certain dietary adjustments, but it can help the climate in the long run.

Tip 24. Check the HVAC system in your home

Most homeowners will tell you that the HVAC system in your home requires regular servicing. This is necessary to reduce your energy bill. In addition, the HVAC system needs to be energy efficient for you to reduce your energy expenses. Old HVAC systems will draw more power, and your energy expenses can increase by nearly fifty percent. If you service your HVAC system regularly, you can identify any issues with the heating or cooling sections of the system. Similarly, if the system is too old, you can consider replacing it to cut down on your energy expenses. This is also necessary if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip 25: Plant a garden


This is probably one of the most sustainable resolutions that you can take. When it comes to being eco-friendly, you cannot go wrong if you plant a garden. A garden can not only make you feel happy but also help reduce environmental pollution. You can use your kitchen waste as compost to be used in your garden as manure. You can start simply by starting a simple kitchen or an herb garden. It can be both a rewarding experience and one that can help reduce pollution in the long run. Gardens are known to reduce indoor air pollution and improve our overall well-being.

When you opt for green New Year resolutions in 2022, you can choose one that appeals to you the most. Understandably, all of the options may not apply to you. But it is essential for you to feel that even the most minor step helps. Most individuals think about how much they can do when there is so much pollution around. But in reality, they are mistaken. For example, the most straightforward step of regularly carrying a stainless-steel water bottle to work, school or when you’re always on the go, can make a significant change and save the world from thousands of bottles of plastics being thrown into the bin every year. In conclusion, the resolutions are all here for you to choose from, If you are looking to make a conscious choice for your future. The choices that you make today, impacts

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