How to Choose the Best Type of Clothes Hangers

How to Choose the Best Type of Clothes Hangers

Most people only pay attention to their choice of cloth hanger once they start noticing the misshapes of their apparel. Meanwhile, a cloth hanger is not only necessary for a fashion enthusiast. As an individual, you should use eco-friendly clothing hangers that will not damage your clothing materials. Eco friendly clothing hangers are often made with wood, offering the additional benefit of preventing pest invasion. The importance of using eco friendly clothing hangers cannot be emphasized enough. This guide further describes ways to choose the best type of clothes hangers.

Use Wood Hangers

As mentioned earlier, using a high-quality material should highlight your hanger selection. Based on research, wooden hangers have proven to be more effective than alternative materials, including plastic and wire cloth hangers. Wooden hangers are also highly durable and do not bend easily. This is because they are designed to be a strong holder for heavy clothes like jackets, jeans, and winter coats.

Benefits of Wooden Hangers Over Plastic Hangers

Why are wooden hangers considered the best option compared to plastic hangers? Below are the reasons.

  • Foremost, plastic hangers are not eco-friendly. Unlike plastic hangers, wooden hangers are biodegradable. Thus, eco-oriented experts encourage individuals to prioritize eco friendly products wholesale.
  • Clothes often slip on plastic hangers and stay smoother than on wooden hangers. A perfect example of a solid wooden hanger is the Natural Cedar Wood Hanger with Wide Shoulders.
  • Plastic hangers can shorten your cloth's lifespan and affect their shape.
  • Even though plastic hangers have more varieties than wooden hangers, they need to be more organized and match the closet look.

Why You Should Buy Wooden Hangers in Bulk

Buying wooden hangers in bulk is not only cost-effective but also saves time. It saves you the stress of making frequent purchases when you can get discounts from wholesalers. Despite several wholesalers' availability, Greenliving is highly recognized for providing premium products. Below are reasons you should buy wooden hangers in bulk and the notable features of premium products.

Hang all Cloth Types

Having different wooden hangers allow you to hang all cloth types. It is also an added advantage when you use the Greenliving Natural Wooden Hangers for Clothes. It comes in 20 units and is perfectly designed for shirts, trousers, jackets, and scarves of different materials. You can hang your cloth without worrying about them slipping off the hanger. The natural maple wood hanger is sturdy and will not crease your clothes.

Enhance Clothes Accessibility

It could be frustrating to disarrange your wardrobe while preparing for work. People who work 9-5 will understand the importance of buying wooden hangers in bulk better. When you have wooden hangers in plenty of numbers, you can segment your clothes for the week. This way, you have easy access to your choice of cloth daily. It will reflect your daily productivity since you do not have to struggle before getting dressed for the day.


Buying eco friendly products wholesale is one of the best decisions you could ever make. You are at a more significant advantage when you shop at Greenliving. The products are designed to be water-resistant, with elegant patterns. Whether for a traditional or contemporary look, you will get the best option at Greenliving.


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