How to Clean a Dish Brush with Natural Bristle

Jan. 24, 2022 | Written by Lana Kisner

clean wooden dish brush

You’ve made the switch to a natural dish brush and you’re loving your eco-friendly choice, but it’s been used for a while now and doesn’t look as fresh as it once did. While plastic brushes may have been soaked in bleach or tossed out completely, there is a better way to clean a natural dish brush.

It’s not necessary to clean natural bristle brushes often because of their antibacterial properties. Natural dish brushes can be kept clean by removing food particles and allowing them to dry completely. If the brush needs further cleaning, simply soak it in a vinegar solution, rinse it, and let it dry.

Getting the most out of your natural dish brush is as easy as some simple maintenance. Let’s discuss how to clean a dish brush with natural bristle and what steps you can take to keep it in the best condition.

When to Clean a Wooden Brush with Natural Bristle

Natural dish brushes are made from natural materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. They can be made of a variety of wood and natural fibers such as:

  • Coconut, Sisal, or Tampico Fibers
  • Bamboo
  • Beech Wood
  • Hemp

The wood used in natural dish brushes has antibacterial properties, meaning it doesn’t have to be cleaned often when cared for properly. If all food particles are removed from the brush after each use and it has an opportunity to dry, then the natural materials will take care of the rest.

Despite their natural properties, wooden brushes can become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria with excessive moisture. To avoid this and keep them in their best condition, always let wooden brushes dry completely with the bristles down before storing.

How to Clean a Natural Dish Brush

Natural Dish Brush

Cleaning a natural brush doesn’t require harsh chemical cleaners to remove germs and bacteria. In fact, cleaning a wooden dish brush with chemical cleaners could damage the wood and natural fibers of the brush.

You only need one common household staple to clean a wooden dish brush – vinegar. Vinegar is a gentle and natural cleaner that naturally disinfects, but it will not harm the integrity of the wood or other natural fibers like many harsher chemicals would.

Using vinegar to clean your natural kitchen brush is as easy as the following steps:

  1. Soak the wooden brush in a bowl of vinegar for at least an hour. White vinegar is preferred because it doesn’t contain a coloring agent, but apple cider vinegar can be used as well. You can also add a small amount of dish or Castille soap to fight grease and to improve the smell.
  2. After the brush has soaked, rinse it in hot water to completely rinse out the solution.
  3. Lay the brush on a towel to dry with the bristles facing downward until the brush has dried completely. Placing it in a sunny spot can help accelerate this process.


Natural dish brushes including vegetable brush and bottle brush have antibacterial properties that don’t require much cleaning if they are allowed to dry after each use. To clean your natural kitchen brush, all you need is a bowl of vinegar and a bit of time.

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