How to Keep Ziploc Bags Organized in Your Kitchen

October. 21, 2022 |  Written by Daniella

How to Keep Ziploc Bags Organized in Your Kitchen

Ziploc bags are the perfect solution when it comes to food prep – they come in so many different sizes and they can be used for so many different things. However, this is also the reason that they can be annoying to store themselves. Do you have an overflowing drawer crammed with different-sized Ziploc bags, cling film, and tin foil battling for space? Or do you maybe have an aesthetic in mind for your kitchen and the bulky cardboard boxes the Ziploc bags come in aren’t fitting in? Don’t worry, there are quite a few ways to keep your bags organized so read on to find which way works for you and your kitchen.

Use Wooden Ziploc Bags Organizers

There are several upsides to using a wooden storage bag organizer in your kitchen. The use of wood such as bamboo instead of plastic means that it is 100% biodegradable! This saves your drawer from clutter as well as saving the environment one step at a time. These organizers are already premade so you can just grab one and get organizing, saving you precious time as well as storage space. This premium wooden Ziploc bags organizer has all of those positives as well as being water-proof! This means that even if something is spilled on it, it won’t ruin the product. It also has clear laser engraved letters for the large capacity sections, which creates a sleek finish that would be a wonderful addition to any kitchen. This wooden Ziploc bag organizer contains four sections – gallon, quart, snack, and sandwich. It makes it even easier to see if you’re running low on bags so you’re never left scrambling through your drawer only to discover that you’re out of what you need.

Use a Tissue Box to Create Ziploc Bags Organizers

If you’ve looked at the market for storage solutions and haven’t found one that suits what you’re looking for, you can always create your own Ziploc baggie organizer! If you already have a few tissue box holders hanging around your house then this is perfect for you. This is also a good method if you use one type of Ziploc bag more than you use the others, and the premade organizers aren’t divided in quite the way you need.

Using your own tissue box holders means that you can label these however you like, specify which type you want, and display them your own way too. If you prefer them to be attached together as one cohesive unit, then all you need to do is drill holes in each of the tissue box holders and connect those using zip ties or string.

You can make this even more aesthetically pleasing by getting a tissue box cover for your handmade organizer for Ziploc bags! This can be mounted to a wall, stacked, or propped up together to create a finished look without an enormous cost. You’d also have the pride in knowing that you made it yourself each time you pull out your Ziploc bags. Using a tissue box cover like this one also ensures that you’re staying away from plastics whilst still having a waterproof, stylish, and durable product for your home.

Tissue Box

Other Alternative Methods

Another handy organizer for Ziploc bags to try is the hanging type. These are amazing to use if you don’t have any counter, cupboard, or drawer space. You can choose to use ones that you can mount on the wall for durability, or if you are prone to reorganizing your kitchen a lot, then you can use ones that hang on the back of cupboard doors instead (that way it is easy to move to wherever you prefer it).

If you’d still like to make your own Ziploc bag storage but you don’t have any tissue box holders, there are plenty of other household items you can use. You can use old Kleenex boxes, shoe boxes, or even baby wipe packets (make sure that you’ve cleaned them out first though). These can be decorated with leftover fabrics, wrapping paper, paint – anything that you like!

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Ziploc Bags Organizer


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