How to Use Natural Loofah for the Best Results

Dec. 6, 2022 |  Written by Aisha

How to Use Natural Loofah for the Best Results

Even though skin care products are on the rise, it only sometimes gives an effective result. One of the essential skin care sponges to own is a loofah. However, loofah must be applied appropriately to remove dead cells from your skin. Other necessary information about the natural loofah is further explained below.

What is a Loofah?

A loofah is a sponge made from plant-based ingredients that keep the human skin hygienic. This sponge originates from East Africa and India but has grown in popularity globally. They are also considered eco-friendly because the manufacturing process requires no addictive or chemical substances.

How to Use Loofah

The tips below will improve your loofah's durability and enhance skin protection.

Using Your Loofah with Body Wash

Loofahs are versatile and get foamy with a lot of body wash. Thus, gently apply your body wash on it and rub it between the natural loofah. You can get your desired result when you know how to use loofah correctly.

Keep Them Clean and Dry

Make sure to clean your loofah with soap and water after every use. One of the top loofah benefits is that it is easy to clean. Also, it quickly gets dry within a few minutes of washing it. Ensuring your loofah gets dry prevents you from using any washing soap residues on your body.

Completely Air Your Loofah Before Storage

Ensure your loofah is completely dry before storing it in the appropriate cool place. A wet loofah could foster mold growth, which may cause skin irritation.

Tip for Keeping Loofah Clean and Healthy

Below are various tips to keep your loofah in proper condition.

Consider Using the Right Body Wash

Body wash is necessary for maintaining smooth skin, but avoid products made with harsh chemicals. Since loofahs are made with soft fibers, applying a harsh chemical may render them ineffective. They are not only dangerous to the body but also to your bath sponge.

Replace Worn Out Loofahs

Versatility is one of the loofah benefits that needs to be discussed more. If you have old loofahs already worn out, replace them with a premium natural loofah sponge. Meanwhile, you can also use a loofah for cleaning dishes, pots, and pans.

Maintain the Right Cleaning Procedure

Check your loofah manual to see if there is any particular cleaning guideline apart from the regular soap and water. This primarily applies to people with sensitive skin. This is because their skin may respond harshly to a chemical reaction.

Natural Loofah Benefits

The loofah benefits help individuals realize that learning to use loofah is not a waste but rather an investment. If you understand loofah benefits, it is much easier to know how to use loofah. Below is a list of expected loofah benefits.

  • High durability due to its natural manufacturing ingredients.
  • The natural loofah from Greenliving is produced in diverse sizes and shapes.
  • Wide availability on the internet and some physical stores.
  • Reduces carbon footprint since the plant-based ingredient causes no landfill.
  • Applicable in the bathroom, kitchen, and dining arena.


You can get your natural loofah wholesale from Greenliving. They also have a long wooden handle, allowing you to clean an extended surface area easily. Greenliving also allows retailers to customize their orders, even at a discount. The brand's customer team is available 24/7, and you can reach them here.

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