How to Make The Most Out of Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

How to Make The Most Out of Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

There are so many ways to use eco-friendly disposable tableware, and it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Buying disposable utensils opens up several doors in relation to outside activities. The eco-friendly disposable utensils are made of one hundred percent natural bamboo which make them both compostable and biodegradable. This already shows that the positive impact that these have on the environment, especially in comparison to plastic cutlery and plates.

Using compostable takeout boxes rather than plastic disposable tableware also ensures that there is an eco-friendly way to store and carry food out of the house. These compostable takeout boxes would also make wonderful lunchboxes too as the logos and pictures on the box can be customised when buying in bulk! This means that your lunchbox could be personalised for you or your family members, and can help massively with organisation.

Pack Up a Family Picnic

There are many outdoor activities that can be made better by having prepared food and disposable dinnerware handy. These can be used to pack up a family picnic after a stroll around a country park, the wooden disposable utensils are safe for children to use too. Another wonderful activity that the disposable dinnerware can be used for is on a date or day out at an outdoor or drive-thru cinema. This means that your food is stored neatly and you can eat your favourite meals whilst watching new films! If you’re interested in family days out, these will also be very useful for days at a zoo or a safari – the disposable tableware ensures that pausing anywhere for a quick meal is simple and keeps your day out as stress free as possible.

Use In Your crafts

Another way to use eco-friendly disposable utensils is to use them in your crafts! The wooden material means that the cutlery is good for the environment and is versatile because it is effectively a blank canvas. The wooden spoons can be used to create puppets for nursery rhymes that children can decorate themselves. The wooden knives can be painted and used to create decorations, layered photo frames, or used as part of sensory play in a sandpit.

Use In The garden

Wooden knives from disposable tableware are also brilliant for using in the garden. These can be used as support sticks for flowers to make sure that they grow straight and that they are pointing towards the light. The eco-friendly and compostable material also means that even if these were left in the garden, they would not damage your plants. Instead, they will compost naturally.


There are many things that eco-friendly disposable cutlery can be used for. Whether this is to eat whilst on exciting days out to the cinema, zoo or park, or as part of a crafty DIY project. The material means that the possibilities of how to use the utensils are endless, and no matter how you decide to use them, they will compost and degrade naturally. If you order from GreenLiving too, there is the added bonus that buying in bulk means you are offered competitive prices, making the eco-friendly choice affordable as well as stylish.


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