All You Need to Know About Zero Waste Lifestyle

November. 9, 2022 |  Written by Aisha

All You Need to Know About Zero Waste Lifestyle

Living a zero waste lifestyle should be a priority for everybody, considering the high rate of ongoing global warming. This lifestyle is also targeted toward reducing plastic usage and making healthier decisions. It also encourages biodiversity by reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. This saves human lives and the ecosystem at large, including plants.

What is Zero Waste?

Do you ever wonder what does zero waste mean? This term is trendy, but unfortunately, only some understand the concept. Here is the best definition that describes the environmentally friendly act.

Zero waste describes the human activity that helps to support the eco-friendly movement. In reality, everyone has a role to play in ensuring environmental stability. As a result, people are encouraged to contribute through their daily lifestyles.

Even though there are various zero waste facts from environmentalists, it is common knowledge that most households contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle faster. This is because families have an enormous consumption of plastic materials more than individuals. It is a more collective effort when households live a zero waste lifestyle. Thus, the impact will be more significant.

The Importance of Zero Waste

The essence of living a zero waste lifestyle is to reduce the amount of waste in landfill. Leaving debris in landfills has great potential to cause land pollution. A zero waste lifestyle is also suitable for health. Consuming less plastic packaged materials reduces the risk of developing cancerous illnesses. Since the cancer rate is high, humans must find possible ways to reduce wastage. In the long run, this also plays a role in economic growth.

Scientists keep encouraging everyone to live a zero waste lifestyle, having identified its benefits to the economic and social system. More so, several environmentalists and agencies have released news about the world's current threats. These zero waste facts should spring up a concern in every concerned individual.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) records that about 4.4 pounds of trash are being produced daily in America. This is an extensive record that needs immediate attention.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency records that municipal solid waste in the United States has 14% of human contribution.
  • According to the Surfrider Foundation report, only 91% of plastic can be recycled. Research also shows that plastic takes a long time to disappear entirely from the earth's surface.

How to Start Living Zero Waste

To know how to live zero waste, remember that it does not happen overnight. It can only be achieved through deliberate effort and intentionality. The first step to zero waste is using recycled or reusable products. Products only used once will most likely contribute to environmental pollution. Other ways to start living zero waste life are highlighted below.

  • Recycling used products: Recycling new products makes them appear like they were never used. This is usually cost-effective and also helps to prevent excessive wastage. You can check the internet for DIY processes to recycle your used items.
  • Repurpose household items: As you read further, you will discover household items or products that can be used for diverse purposes. Thus, instead of disposing of a kitchen item, you can convert it for another purpose.
  • Buying more fresh foods: You may also consider purchasing more fresh foods than processed foods. Most processed foods are usually packaged in plastic, which is unhygienic. Also, shopping with a reusable bag is an added advantage.
  • Buy compostable materials: Even though you cannot use a material again, compostable materials can turn into pure organic nutrition under suitable conditions. For instance, egg shells can be turned into a cleaning agent with no harmful methane byproduct.

Zero Waste Home Products to Get You Started

Knowing how to live zero waste also involves selecting the right products or materials appropriately. These products are highly recommended if you start with a zero-waste policy. Having them in your home is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

zero waste

Natural Wooden Hangers for Clothes

Since the closet is an important area in the house, Greenliving produces hangers from high-quality maple wood to keep clothes in good shape. The hanger is lightweight and can perfectly hold skirts, pants, and scarves.

Natural Wooden Utensils

This is another way to live a zero waste lifestyle because the cooking set is made of natural beech wood. The wooden utensils do not hold water for long, making them easy to store. They are also comfortable to use and would not cause scratches to your cooking pots or pans.

Eco-Friendly Dish Brush

This ECO dish brush comes with 2pcs of loofah sponges and two replacement heads. The loofah sponge is easy to clean and does not harbour germs like other materials. This eco-friendly product is a must-have for homes and one of the best kitchen items.

Cedar Blocks Set for Clothes Storage

Cedar blocks are natural ways to protect your clothes against pest invasion without needing chemicals. It also has a natural scent which gives your clothes a good smell. This cedar block from Greenliving is made from sustainable material, which poses no threat to the environment. Thus, it is highly recommended for people who want a zero-waste life while saving their closets from pests.

Eco-Friendly Non-Scratch Kitchen Brush

This kitchen brush is made with a natural loofah, which is soft to the touch and comfortable during usage. It also helps to easily wipe off the dirt from kitchen utensils, including pots, dishes, bowls, and pans. This kitchen brush is also compostable since it is made from plant-based fibre. Thus, it would not cause the environment any harm even after it wears out.


Choosing products that make the journey easier is expedient in learning how to live a zero waste lifestyle. As a result, the products highlighted above and many more are available at Greenliving. These products are highly durable and can stand the test of time. You may even purchase wholesale, which is more cost-effective. Visit the contact page to reach out to the customer team.


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