Why Use Basket Trays to Organize Your Home

Feb 8, 2023 |  Written by Aisha

Why Use Basket Trays to Organize Your Home

Organizing your home is challenging, especially when you have no tray to set and display your items. Trays can also serve decorative purposes, especially a rattan storage basket. It is helpful in every part of the home, including the bathroom, dining area, bookshelves, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Unfortunately, not everyone understands why they should have basket trays in their home. As a result, this article highlights every reason you should know and the best-recommended product or brand to purchase.

Improves Accessibility and Visitors Care

When you arrange food and drinks on basket trays, friends and families can easily please themselves. It also helps you arrange several food types to meet diverse preferences. You may also add a sign and candle to spic up the tray decorations.

Hold Significant Memories

You can use basket trays with built-in handles to display memorable photos of your loved ones. A perfect example is the hand woven water hyacinth wicker storage basket. This basket has handles on both sides, making it easier to move around. Thus, it can also function in office space.

Organize Kitchen Items/Utensils

If you spend longer in the kitchen than usual, you most likely need to start using a rattan basket with handle in your kitchen. It helps you to group your items quickly, and you will only spend a short time looking for recipe cards, spices, or cutleries. This is particularly important for homes with small kitchens, especially when you need to arrange your cooking area without losing functionality.

Consider buying the natural water hyacinth wicker storage basket. It comes in a set of 2, and you can utilize it as much as possible. This hand-woven design will provide additional aesthetic value, especially for minimalist homeowners.

Organize Skin Products or Body Wash

If you are a skincare enthusiast or care about your body treatment, invest in a natural rectangular rattan basket with built-in handles. This rattan storage basket is ideal for both traditional and contemporary decorations. Thus, you may place it in every bathroom in your home. It also has thick edges, improving its durability and function. Due to its built-in handles, you can easily carry out your routine or skin care treatment.

Arrange Your Laundry Room with Basket Trays

Your laundry room can be less messy when you use basket trays. You may also use it to fill up empty spaces in your closet. Also, if you have excess clothes piled up, you may segment them with a rattan basket with handles. This also makes it easy to prepare for the day while you access your dresses without restrictions.

The large natural wicker laundry basket is unique, adding to the warmth and texture of your laundry space. You may even label your baskets for easy identification.


Basket trays are highly versatile and can be used in the garage, office, dining area, bookstores, etc. However, you must invest in a quality rattan storage basket to fully maximize the benefits. Also, consider patronizing brands like Greenliving, which allows you to select from the wide availability of options. By doing so, you are certain you are making the best decision for yourself.


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