How to Exfoliate Your Back

Feb 9, 2023 |  Written by Aisha

How to Exfoliate Your Back

Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to the back while caring for the skin. This habit could encourage disease or the invasion of foreign substances into the body. To live a healthy lifestyle, make sure to exfoliate back. This will keep your back ache-free and smooth. Read on to learn more about the processes involved to exfoliate back. You will also learn about the vital exfoliating materials you may need.

Materials Needed

Before going into the shower, here are the materials you may need to exfoliate back correctly.

  • Bristle body brush
  • A body brush long handle
  • Loofah
  • Your favorite body wash

Choosing Quality Exfoliating Materials

The quality of materials used for the exfoliating process will determine its outcome. You should also consider eco-friendly products, such as wooden bathing brushes. They are highly durable and easy to use. A perfect example is the double-sided wooden dry brushing body scrubber. This brush is also dual-purpose and can be used for wet and dry cleaning. It also gives a massage effect, calming the body's muscles and nerves.

body brush

Exfoliating the Body

Here are the processes involved in exfoliating your back.

Take Warm Showers

A warm shower will cool down your skin, instead of drying it out, instead of hot showers. Before the shower, use the brush back scrubber with all boar bristles and a long wood handle. This will remove dead cells from the outer layer of the skin.

Start With the Exfoliation

There are several methods you can employ while exfoliating your back.

  • Method 1: Apply the body wash in your loofah and use your left hand to scrub the right side of your back. Afterward, repeat this process on the left side, using your right hand. If you find it difficult to stretch, get a loofah with a long handle. It will be much easier to run through, especially in your lower back.
  • Method 2: The second method is to use a body scrub and spread it across your back using a loofah. However, you need to be careful of your choice of body scrub, as it sometimes contains harsh salt and sugar. This will also prevent your pores from getting clogged and makes any moisturizer you apply more effective.
  • Method 3: If you have aches on your back, use a recommended body wash or soap that contains salicylic acid. You may also apply benzoyl peroxide on your back. Use this after using the bathing brush to scrub your back while in the shower. This will prevent bacteria from damaging your skin. However, be careful not to let the chemical stay long on your cloth, as this could damage them.

Moisturize Your Back

Dry off water from your body before applying a good moisturizer. Gently apply the cream or lotion on your back. This will keep your skin smooth and prevent it from getting dry.

Why You Should Often Exfoliate

When dry cells linger on your back for long, they will be scorched and dull. To brighten and tone your back, use a body brush long handle. Consider the extra long handle body brush from Greenliving for maximum effect. However, avoid exfoliating your body too much. You may set a weekly schedule, such as once or twice weekly.


Exfoliating back is essential to skincare, but you enjoy it better when you use quality products. Thus, do not hesitate to invest in good and durable bathing brushes. As a result, consider manufacturing brands that have established a good reputation among customers. Meanwhile, Greenliving is leading among other brands. You may contact the customer team for more information.


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