3 Ways to Enjoy This Spring to The Fullest

3 Ways to Enjoy This Spring to The Fullest

Thankfully, winter won’t be around much longer, and before you know it, the trees and flowers will be budding, blooming, and welcoming in spring. While you may be ready for your annual house “spring cleaning,” it’s the season for fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

The weather is usually not too hot or cold, the landscape is full of color and cheerful birds, and there are numerous festivals, carnivals, and concerts to enjoy. And after months of mostly being stuck inside, it’s the perfect time to go outdoors and make some memories.

If you want to get the most out of spring and have as much fun as possible, check out these three ideas.

1. Ring in the Season

One of the biggest indicators that springtime is fast approaching is when people start breaking out their flower-print straw hats during special spring holidays. If you’ve never donned a St. Patrick's Day outfit and attended a festival or parade, you’re missing out.

New York’s parade is probably the most famous, but Boston has one of the oldest and largest ones, and the Shamrock Festival in D.C. is always a hit. Of course, there are celebrations in almost every major city, and you should go to one this year and have some fun.

2. Host a Regular Get-Together

Thanks to the holidays and less-than-stellar weather conditions, you haven’t spent a whole lot of time with neighbors, friends, or other people. Now, football is over, baseball teams are still in training, and you probably haven’t started hitting the lake quite yet.

This is the perfect time to start having everyone over for some food and fun. Set up a horseshoe pit, croquet course, or both. Fire up the BBQ grill and serve up burgers and hot dogs or take it up a level and go with brisket or a variety of quality kabobs. To help save you time and energy on cleanup, use paper plates, biodegradable utensils, and other sustainable home products.

At night, gather around the fire pit, enjoy the mild spring weather, and be with your friends and loved ones. Host it as an open invitation gathering every Saturday if you can and want, or make it a regular once-a-month occasion for as long as weather permits.

Spending quality time together like this is almost always assured to be fun.

3. Spend a Day at the Park

It’s picnic and hiking weather! At a minimum, it has likely been months since you hung out at the park, and with the warmer days and nights, now is a great opportunity. Lace up your leather hiking boots, pack some water and trail mix, and enjoy the local trails; pack a few sandwiches, chips, and sodas for a pond-side picnic, or take the portable grill and have hot dogs in the park.

The point is to get out and enjoy the fresh air and local amenities. However, keep in mind that just like you try to reduce waste at home, you should use biodegradable supplies whenever possible and clean up your area before you leave.

Final notes

Getting rid of your “cabin fever” and welcoming spring with open arms is always a good idea. Whether you go to every weekend festival, start having your friends over regularly, or spend time at local parks and trails as often as possible, you can enjoy spring to the fullest.

Whatever you do, make sure to keep the environment in mind and keep areas cleaner than how you found them. This means picking up any trash and recycling.

3 Ways to Enjoy This Spring to The Fullest