How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Sustainably

Feb 14, 2023 |  Written by Aisha

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Sustainably

Since valentine's is all about love celebrations you want to make it memorable and iconic. Even though there is nothing wrong in choosing a love-based theme, it makes better sense to be eco-friendly, this also depicts your love for the green environment. It encourages sustainability and enhances the lives of plants and animals.

If you have decided to spice up your February 14th celebration with eco-friendly valentine’s day gifts, here are the best ideas for you. These eco-friendly valentine’s day gifts are not only unique but also affordable. Below are gift ideas you should highly consider.

Gift Locally Grown, Seasonal Flowers

The environment has several colorful flowers you most likely wouldn’t realize except if you pay attention to them. locally grown flowers not only give aesthetic value but also help minimize the amount of CO2 emitted while transporting imported flowers. This is more environmentally dangerous when transported through modes that consume a huge amount of diesel. On the other hand, only a minimal amount of energy is needed to plant and harvest local flowers. They are even better to refrigerate than flowers cultivated with impure chemicals. You may plant and water your plant at the right season, so you have your fresh flowers ready when you want them.

Gift Ethically and Sustainably Made Chocolate

As simple as chocolates may seem, they can be quite expensive. The fancy wraps increase its aesthetics, making customers spend more than they should have. Despite the rapid love for chocolates among many people, they are not sustainably grown in all places. One of the keys to a sustainable holiday is prioritizing ethically made chocolates. This is because most chocolate productions in developing countries lead to massive deforestation and child labor.

Give Sustainable Gifts That Are Made to Last

Planning ahead of valentine's will save you the cost of spending on unnecessary items. Thus, you need to budget for sustainable gifts that are made to last. Do not hesitate to invest in sustainable gifts as they are highly durable. However, you may want to prioritize products made with highly durable items such as wood. Here are the top two recommended products.

Natural Cedar Wood Hanger

A wooden hanger with a wide shoulder is a thoughtful gift to present to a loved one. It makes it easier to sort out your day, as you identify the most suitable outfit. If your lover is also among the thousands of ladies that disorganized their closets every morning, these are unique valentine’s day ideas for her.

More interestingly, this cedar wood hangeris elegantly designed, with a 360° swivel hook. This makes it easy to turn a cloth around, to get a better idea or style for you. The cedar material also protects clothes from moth destruction.

cedar hanger

Classic Wide Shoulder Wooden Coat Hanger

This wide shoulder wooden coat hanger is also similar to the aforementioned one and comes in a set of six. The material is natural lotus wood, and strong enough to hold heavy clothes such as jackets. This is one of the affordable eco-friendly valentine’s day gifts that will still keep your cloth in their original shape after a long time.

wooden hanger

Bundle Up Your Gift in a Reusable Bag

After buying an eco-friendly gift for your loved one for a sustainable holiday, what next? You need to present the gift in a fashionable and quality package. This will add to the value of whatever content you have in the package. As a result, you need a reusable shopping bag. This will prevent wastage and serve the user for a long time.

shopping bag


The above information is not only based on valentine’s day ideas for her. They are perfect for all gender and relationship types. This implies you can also gift your parents, friends, and even siblings. You may also shop at Greenliving for varieties of unique valentine's gifts.


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