How Long Do Cedar Balls Last?

Feb 14, 2023 |  Written by Aisha

How Long Do Cedar Balls Last?

Cedar balls are essential home items that help prevent moths from damaging your clothes. This is possible through the insect-repelling ingredients used in the production of cedar balls. More interestingly, they give a pleasant scent to your home and closet. You wouldn’t need to worry about storing your clothes for a long time, and it gives off an awful smell.

Do Cedar Balls Last Long?

Cedar balls last for a long time, but the duration also varies with the product quality. Typically, a quality cedar ball should last for an average of six months. You will only need to replace the cedar balls for clothes to boost its effectiveness. If you do not have money for a replacement, you can scrape off the outer part slightly with sandpaper. This will allow the internal scents to diffuse easily.

How to Use Cedar Balls

Cedar balls can be easily used anywhere there are clothes. It could be placed at the corners of your wardrobe, in your jacket pocket, or even use as a cedar blocks closet. Once the toxic chemicals in cedar balls have diffused, they will concentrate on other parts. Meanwhile, toxic chemicals are harmful to every insect or pest.

You may use the multifunctional natural cedar hangers, which are perfect as a cedar blocks closet. This multifunctional cedar product can also be used in the kitchen, or even placed in shoe cabinets. It does not only serve as a repellant but also helps keep your closet dry. This will improve your comfort level while promoting a hygienic lifestyle.

Benefits of Using Cedar Balls

Benefits of Using Cedar Balls

Cedar balls for clothes serve a protective function. They also increase your clothes' durability and prevent sweat from staying on them. Here are the main benefits of cedar balls you should know.

Give a Sophisticated Look

Cedar balls give the closet a sophisticated look by improving the color tone and grain. This will boost your pride in your wardrobe and confidence in your style of dressing. This particularly applies when your clothes are in proper condition, and has not been destroyed by insects.

Serve as Closet Deodorizer

When you place cedar rings in your closet, especially the cedar blocks set of 10 pieces, it will enhance your closet scent. It freshens the closet and dries up the sweat from the cloth. This product is made of high-quality red cedar wood, which is a healthy and eco-friendly choice.

Prevents Pest Invasion

The aroma from cedar balls irritates pests, including ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, mites, and other insects. More interestingly, you may spice up your cedar balls for clothes with bear-shaped cedar wood chips. They are also versatile and can be used for shoes, storage bags, cars, drawers, and even cabinets. Thus, you can prevent pest invasion in many places in your home.


The importance of cedar balls cannot be emphasized enough, especially the wooden products which are more eco-friendly. If you want to enjoy these wooden cedar balls better, you should contact brands that design varieties of shapes and sizes. Greenliving has proven to meet this demand and build a great reputation since its existence. You may contact the customer team for more information.


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