Here’s Why You Need to Add a Shower Brush to Your Daily Routine!

Written by Hannah-Annie Asenowo

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A shower brush may not be something you normally include in your regular shower routine, but you should rethink it because body brushing helps improve your skin and overall well-being. If you like body scrubs, dry body brushing is the next level up, and all you need is a wooden body brush to get started.

The only tool required is a simple wooden handled body brush, and the benefits are numerous: it exfoliates your skin, making it feel as soft as a baby, and it aids detoxification by activating your lymphatic drainage system and boosting circulation. It also helps to break up fat deposits, making cellulite less visible over time.

Why You Need a Shower Brush/Body Brush

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Body brushing is a reasonable next step if you're already obsessed with taking care of your face but fail to take care of the rest of your body. Many of us pay close attention to the skin on our faces, cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing it daily, but we frequently overlook the rest of our bodies.

A bath brush can be used every day or once a week, immediately before showering. Simply include it into your daily routine as much as possible; if you don't have much time, concentrate on specific areas. A vast majority of the people swear by it to maintain smooth and bright skin, but its advantages go far beyond.

Furthermore, the physical act of dry brushing your skin may help to relieve muscular tension, and if done in a quiet environment, it may be a meditative experience that helps to relax your mind and relieve stress. Before you take your next soothing bath, try dry skin brushing.

How to Use

  1. Brush towards your heart using a nice wooden body brush, starting under your feet and going upwards.
  2. To match your skin's sensitivity, use long, straight, smooth strokes. Pay attention to your body.
  3. Because you're pushing the body to release toxins, drinking plenty of clean water afterward will boost the cleansing effects.
  4. Do it first thing in the morning, before bathing or showering, to give yourself a burst of energy for the day.

Effects on the Skin

  1. It gently exfoliates the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells
  2. Effortlessly tightens the skin
  3. It aids the maintenance of muscular tone.
  4. Assists in the more uniform distribution of fat deposits
  5. Allows for improved product absorption.
  6. Smoothens and softens the skin while stimulating oil glands.

Greenliving makes one of the best long wooden shower brushes, which appears as it came straight from a well-made Norwegian sauna. One of my favorite products is the brush. It's beneficial for a variety of problems, but notably detox. Although dry brushing the skin with a soft but firm brush once or twice daily is more prevalent during detoxes, there are additional benefits when it becomes a regular habit—from sweeping away dead skin cells to enhancing the look of skin.

A long handle body brush can reach hard-to-reach areas like the center of your back, while a shorter one fits exactly in your palm and is extremely easy to use.

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Dry-brushing is one of those rare things that feels just as wonderful when done by oneself as it does when done by someone else, and it's extremely simple to include into your daily routine. Dry-brushing in the morning, rather than before bed, is recommended by most experts since it is believed to have revitalizing properties.

Some individuals use the bath brush without applying a body oil, while others apply a little amount of body oil on the bath brush before using it. “If you use body oil on your shower brush, it's advisable to shower before applying it to your skin, If not, shower after dry brushing the skin.” It's also wonderful when combined with a sauna.

Steps for Dry-Brushing

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To do it yourself, begin from your feet and work your way up to your heart. Similarly, while working on your arms, start with your hands and work your way up. Work in a circular motion or with strong, tiny upward strokes. Work your way around the tummy in a clockwise motion. Exfoliation that is too harsh is never a good idea; avoid pressing too hard or using a stiff brush. Any brushing or exfoliating should be mild and never cause the skin to crack. Due to the harm they cause, skin brushes that are too rough cannot be used. Our skin brush should have medium-soft cactus bristles for tenderness; the skin should never be scraped or damaged.

Note: Dry brush your skin for at least three to five minutes.



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