Best Ways on How to Clean a Wooden Hair Brush or Wooden Comb

Feb. 9, 2022 | Written by Aisha Abimbola

How to Clean a Wooden Hair Brush or Wooden Comb

Maintaining quality hair is not as challenging as you may have thought unless you have no understanding of the basic technique. One of the strategies that have worked is using a wooden comb to straighten tangled hair. However, when the wood hairbrush or comb gets dirty, it poses a more significant threat to your hair health. Hence, how do you clean a wooden comb?

Firstly, remove any hair tangled around the comb, and use the Eco hairbrush cleaner to remove any hair that has refused to leave the brush. Use a clean cloth soaked in water to remove leftover dirt. Clean the bristles again with the hairbrush cleaner to prevent particles from lingering. Then, dry up the brush with a clean cloth or towel.

The description above is how your wooden comb will appear as new as though you never used it. However, let’s delve into the step-by-step cleaning procedure.

Remove the Stuck Hair from the Brush

Get any sharp-pointed material, like a comb tail, and pass it between the wood hairbrush line. Bring it above the comb level, and take out the hair wearing a glove or lining. You can also use any sharp hairbrush cleaner tool like a pencil, pen, or ice pick. However, avoid extremely sharp objects that may damage your hand.

Use a Hairbrush Cleaner

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Undoubtedly, some hair will remain at the bottom of the wooden comb. Use a stainless steel material that is strong enough to drag the hair towards the comb tip. It is preferable to use a metal wire rake material to reduce the risk of self-injury during the cleaning process. Moreover, the material does not reduce the efficiency of the cleaning result.

Submerge into a Water Solution

The purpose of proceeding to this step is to remove dead skin cells or oil that may have built up. Add a few drops of shampoo to warm water with 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda. However, baking soda is optional, but ensure to shake the moisture properly. Using a damp cloth for a wood hairbrush is unlike other brush materials that you can dip inside the water solution. Dip the fabric into the water mixture, and allow it to wash away the oil on the brush gently.

Crosscheck with a Hairbrush Cleaner

You want to ensure all the hairs are gone before drying up the comb. If you towel dry with any hair on the brush, it hardens the cleaning process because the hair will be more sticky. For the last time, use the hairbrush cleaner but ensure no hair is on it.

The Bottom Line

After drying it up, you will realize how clean your wooden comb is. This is why you should pay attention to your comb because it contributes to your hair hygiene. Hence, please do not neglect your hairbrush cleaner tool, but ensure to take care of it properly. Hopefully, you will implement the step-by-step cleaning process mentioned above. Clean the wood hairbrush carefully in order not to damage the bristle base. This article recommends products from Greenliving to achieve the best cleaning result. Good luck with giving your hairbrush the care it deserves!

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