Why Wooden Comb is the Best for Your Hair

Feb. 9, 2022 | Written by Aisha Abimbola

 Wooden hairbrush and comb benefits

A wooden comb is one of the essential items for every gender with hairs. If you are planning to buy or change your hair comb, what are the wooden comb benefits you should know? You probably come across several combing materials at the grocery store but are confused about the best one for your hair. Meanwhile, your basic understanding of the wooden comb would have saved you from the stressful decision-making process.

Firstly, a wooden comb is ideal for promoting healthy hair growth. It reduces scalp infection and irritation. Also, it reduces the risk of hair exposure to dandruff and hair lice.

Everything you need to know about the wooden comb and its benefits to your hair is discussed below. Read on to find out more information.

Gentle Application

Some people stay away from hair combs because of the pain that comes with them. However, the wooden comb material is compatible with your scalp and hair, giving a gentle feel to the body during application. More so, wood materials provide the hair with a balance and glossy look.

Enhances Healthy Hair

When you use the oval wooden hairbrush from Greenliving, you are sure of the authenticity of the material. Since wooden comb is produced with natural materials, it causes no allergy to the hair or scalp. This is why it is the most suitable for all hair types.

Improves Blood Circulation

When you compare wooden comb vs plastic comb, you will realize wooden comb benefits outnumber the latter. This is because of the primary role of the wooden comb in circulating the scalp blood. Being carbon-made enhances hair messaging when in contact with a wooden comb. Hence, it is the best choice for releasing some healthy hair oil.

Minimizes Hair Breakage

Due to the high rate of friction between plastic comb and hair, it causes some breakage. On the other hand, the wooden comb gently thoroughly distributed the oil provided by the hair scalp. It is also ideal for wet hair because it relieves you from dealing with tangles at the hair tip.

Increased Durability

Considering wooden comb vs plastic comb, wooden combs are more durable. However, wooden combs rarely break when compared without comb materials. The combs produced from bamboo trees are less likely to wear out quickly. It is also an eco-friendly product because the wood material is renewable. This is one of the solutions to the energy crisis society needs.

The Bottom Line

Humans desire comfort in every daily activity, especially individuals with stressful jobs. It is essential to get a care tool to enhance preparation from home to work. Without delay, you want to put things in place, which is a good trait. While focusing on comfort, consider aesthetics as well. Wooden comb benefits cannot be overemphasized while increasing popularity among users and hair salons. Wooden combs are naturally beautiful, which tones the hair perfectly. You may need to search for expert beauty care to get the best combing tool to avoid paying high money for a lesser value. For both natural and relaxed hair, contact Greenliving to get a customized combing material for you.

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