5 Creative Uses For Over The Door Hooks

Written by Aisha Abimbola

5 Creative Uses For Over The Door Hooks

If you want to hide items behind your room door, you should consider using door hooks. They are versatile, portable, and add to the room's aesthetics. Also, it prevents you from damaging the wall since the door hooks are not sharp objects. An over the door hook can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of the house. This article explains some items you can hang with an over the door hook.

Using Door Hooks for Bathroom towels

If each family member has similar towels, you can use a door hook to differentiate each. Instead of dumping your wet towel around, simply hang it behind the bathroom door. It is one of the most common uses of a door hook because it also drys up a towel fast. Most of the bathroom hangs are also ideal for the bedroom. For instance, you can get a door hanger with five hooks and white metal, suitable for both bathrooms and bedrooms.

Using Door Hooks for Hats

Door hooks help to preserve your hat shape. Instead of putting it in a wardrobe, it will likely squeeze with other clothing materials. This also applies to hats and caps. Also, you can get a door hook with several spaces if you have diverse colors to display. It also helps you select your color preference while preparing for an event.

Using Door Hooks for Necklaces

Do you have heavy necklaces that are pretty your favorite? Protect them from breaking by using a metal hook. You can also put several bracelets together on a metal hook. This will minimize the risk of the accessories rusting, especially when exposed to moisture. Hence, you do not want to leave them carelessly around.

It is much easier to select accessories that match an event's outfit. Since you have them arranged, you would not need to struggle with interwoven accessories. Hence, it also saves time and prevents delays while going out.

Using Door Hooks for Plants/Wreaths

If you have a favorite plant you want to keep alive, you can consider using your door hook. Door hooks exist in various designs and types, such as the efficient rose gold metal. You can also add a faux plant if you are worried about watering the plant. This is the best option to keep the house green without spending much money.

Using Door Hooks for Umbrellas

Over the door hanging rack is an excellent tool for holding umbrellas, especially if it is a metal object. You want to take umbrellas out during rainy seasons without looking for them over the house. You can also hang it back gently when you get back, without worrying about letting water drip inside the house. Make sure to get an over the door hook that is strong enough to hold an umbrella. The beauty of a metal hook is its strongness and durability.


It would help if you had a good over the door hook to enjoy it as much as possible. It must be designed to hold heavy and lightweight objects without falling them off. Hence, get a good-quality door hook from Greenliving. You can also ask questions or make inquiries for more information about the product.

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