Salt and Pepper Grinder: How to Boost the Flavour of your Dishes

Written by Aisha Abimbola

Salt and Pepper Grinder: How to Boost the Flavour of your Dishes

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A salt and pepper grinder is a fancy way of adding spices to foods. The grinder machine also helps to crush your pepper into the preferred size. When you have both in your kitchen, you can expect to create a masterpiece any time. Also, spices are essential ingredients in the kitchen, so the equipment allows you to access them easily.

How Does Salt and Pepper Grinder Work?

Your wooden pepper grinder is built with two wheels and mesh any ingredient therein. You are expected to twist based on the amount of salt you want in the food. When you also put salt inside the grinder, it releases it into your stew as you twist the lid in a clockwise motion. The grinder has several levels that can make your food into different textures. It could either be fine, crushed or flake texture.

Why is Freshly Ground Spice Better than Pre-ground Spice?

Many people naturally prefer freshly ground spice to pre-ground spice, except for the demand in cooking preparation. However, preparing a fresh meal is easier with a pepper mill grinder. Freshly ground spice improves your meal flavor more than stale spices. Once your spices react to the open air surrounding it, the taste is already compromised.

Salt and Pepper Grinder: How to Boost the Flavour of your Dishes

Tips to Season with Salt and Pepper Properly

A wooden pepper grinder requires you to know how to spice your food appropriately. Follow the below tips to use your pepper mill grinder effectively.

  1. Use the Correct Coarseness in Salt and Pepper: Ensure it is not too hard for the grinder's teeth when grinding your pepper. Hence, the pepper mill grinder is ideal for the pepper texture. Also, moist salt may not easily come out of your salt grinder. Make sure the salt is at its best coarse, so it can quickly come out of the grinder.
  2. Choose the Right Salt and Pepper Grinder: Choosing a suitable salt and pepper grinder requires consideration. For instance, you need brand products that can adjust coarseness, such as the wood pepper and salt grinder with wooden tray.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Salt and Pepper Grinder

Besides the ability to adjust coarseness, check these other factors before choosing a suitable salt and pepper grinder.

  • Make sure you decide the salt type your grinder will be working on. It is safer not to alternate between peppercorns and rock salt. This will ensure the longevity of the grinder.
  • Consider where you will be storing your pepper mill grinder. It should be stored under the proper environmental condition. However, the best pepper grinder is usually made with wooden material. It is non-corrosive and minimizes pest invasion.
  • Will you add more seasonings to grind in the salt and pepper grinder or not? If you buy your product from Greenliving, you can add extra seasonings while grinding.


Knowing how to use your wooden pepper grinder to boost your dish flavor, the next step is to care for it properly. It would help if you had a regular care and maintenance schedule to protect the wood body. In addition to the tips above, you must consider the product brand. When you buy from Greenliving, you have the essential guide detailed in the user manual.

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