How Often Should I Dry Brush My Skin?

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how often dry brush skin

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Dry brushing is on the growing list of wellness and beauty treatments touted as "detoxifying". When you enter a high-end spa, you may be offered a long-handled wooden brush along with your robe and slippers. Dry brushing procedure could be easily be made in your conform of your home.

How often should you dry brush your skin?

Experts recommend dry brushing 3-5 times a week. Some people appreciate and even love doing it on a daily basis. Skin specialists believe this should be safe as long as it does not cause skin irritation. For those of you with sensitive skin, once a week will suffice. Remember to wash your brush with baby shampoo at least twice a month to remove any dead skin accumulation.

How to dry brush skin?

Begin with your feet and work your way up your body. Brush your skin with broad, round, clockwise strokes. Apply gentle pressure to parts of thin skin and firmer pressure to areas of thicker skin, such as the soles of your feet. After brushing your feet, legs, and midsection, brush your arms. Bathe normally after brushing your entire body. After showering, pat your skin dry and apply a natural oil to your entire body.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is the process of rubbing a brush with stiff bristles on the skin to remove dead cells and improve blood flow. Dry brushing is utilized on the skin's surface, whereas lymphatic vessels are located deep beneath the skin's surface. While exercise and muscular contraction can help enhance lymphatic drainage throughout the body, there is no evidence that a treatment like dry brushing is genuinely useful for this purpose. Dry brushing might make you feel wonderful because it stimulates your neurological system as well. It can also leave you feeling energized, as a massage does.

Dry brushing your skin is amazing for exfoliation, cleaning, detoxification, polishing, and relaxation. Your skin will be softer, tighter, healthier, and more radiant. You'll also be relieved to learn that skin brushing can help reduce the look of cellulite. It's also a terrific method to wake up your body in the morning and feel ready to face the day because it has such a stimulating effect.

What Brush Should I Use to Dry Brush Skin?

how often dry brush skin

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