How to Clean Your Wooden Comb?

September. 16, 2022 | Written by Daniella

Over the last few years, you may have noticed discussions about the environment ramping up in frequency. From Greta Thunberg’s speeches going viral to an increase in sustainable packaging, the conversation about eco-friendly choices is everywhere. This can lead you to ask yourself the question of ‘what can I do to help?’ The good news is there are many ways to make sustainable choices for your home! From staying away from single use bottles to planning meals to avoid food waste, there is a way for each of us to feel a better about our choices. This post will help you to understand wooden comb and wooden hairbrush benefits, as well as explaining how to keep them clean.

Why Use a Wooden Hairbrush or Wooden Comb?

One way to make a difference is avoiding non-recyclable plastics in our homes, some hard plastics are present in places that you would least expect… for example, our hairbrushes and combs. Choosing a wooden hairbrush or wooden comb for your home can make a bigger difference than you’d think.

When you are done with your plastic hairbrush, it can take more than a hundred years to decompose in landfill. By using a wooden hairbrush made of bamboo, you are reducing your impact on the environment whilst also looking after your hair. The wooden handles ensure that there is no static when brushing your hair, and the wooden bristles are gentler than their plastic counterpart.

These wooden hairbrush benefits mean that they provide more of a massage to your scalp, which can promote the blood circulation and stimulate your scalp – all of which can promote hair growth! There are also wooden combs on the market that are made of sustainable materials like bamboo, these are great for all hair types and can be used on beards too! They’re more durable than plastic combs and also designed to be gentler on your scalp. Plus, knowing that you are being kind to yourself whilst also being kind to the world around you is always a good way to start your day.

wooden hairbrush

How to Clean Wooden Combs?

A question most people ask themselves when thinking of making the switch, is ‘how do I clean my wooden hairbrush?’ Luckily, the answer is surprisingly simple:

  • Remove your hair from your wooden hairbrush after each use

It can feel annoying to have to remove your hair from your brush each time you’ve finished with, but this is really beneficial in the long run. It prevents any unwanted build up and makes it easier to clean for the next step.

  • Clean the wooden hairbrush with shampoo

This may sound odd at first, but is a brilliant method of keeping your wooden hairbrush or wooden comb clean. The process helps to remove any stray pieces of hair or scalp left on the brush, and means that it continues to nourish your hair with every use. You only need to do wash your wooden hairbrush with shampoo once a month, especially if you are following the last step as well. Make sure that you rinse the shampoo off thoroughly.

  • Make sure your wooden hairbrush is dry

Once you have washed the wooden hairbrush or wooden comb with shampoo, it is really important to make sure that it is dry. This keeps the material strong and helps it to last.

The question of ‘how to clean my wooden hairbrush?’ can seem like a daunting one initially, but if you repeat these three steps then your wooden hairbrush or wooden comb will last you for years to come.

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Where to Buy Wooden Combs Wholesale?

GreenLiving are a professional manufacturer who provide eco-friendly products and one-stop service! We produce a range of eco-friendly wooden hairbrushes and wooden combs so there are many to choose from, and you’re not limited to just one option. Another bonus of shopping with GreenLiving is that you can save money by buying your wooden hairbrushes or wooden combs in bulk, so you can reduce your cost whilst also reducing the impact on the environment. GreenLiving makes it possible for you to find out the most economical and sustainable solution for home products! Contact us now for more information!

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