6 Amazing Ways to Organize your Dorm Room

September. 9, 2022 | Written by Aisha

Ways to Organize your Dorm Room

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Even though there are many people in your dorm room, you can achieve an orderly setting by being creative. Start by using proper dorm room storage for your items. With careful and creative planning, you can maximize your space. Since many people have issues organizing their dorm rooms, this article contains six creative ideas you may love. These ideas will help you to achieve a beautiful and unique interior look.

Make Full Use of Vertical Place

If you have a small dorm space to yourself, here is a hack that works! Your vertical space can help to store objects that can be easily hung. You can also fix small trays to the vertical storage to allow you to store small towels or napkins. Thus, it could be an excellent idea for a fabric storage box. If you worry about the stress of fixing a hook, you can get a mail organizer with a hanger.

While some people struggle with finding their keys before leaving their dorm, this will not be the case. The main organizer has served users several benefits, even up to date. The mail organizer can hold up to six items, and you do not need to damage your wall while at it. It is easy to install, with the modern, simple, and magnetic hanger feature.

mail organizer with a hanger

Maximize Under the Bed Storage

Do you know under your bed can also serve as storage? However, it is best to put items less frequently used here. This will reduce the need to drag objects from beneath the bed constantly. Do you have trouble with where to put those old clothes? Get a mini box, and stock them inside. Meanwhile, under the bed is the perfect place to put this type of box. It would not grab visitors' attention while in this hidden space.

Finding a box to put under the bed is not a problem, provided you have the stackable fabric storage box. The box has a mini and clear window that allows you to see through the container. This will help to keep your fashion materials in place, including the old ones.

stackable fabric storage box

Make the Most of Closet Space

No matter the size of your dorm closet, you can make the most of it. The most important is to have a closet, to achieve an appropriate dorm room storage organization. The first idea is to use a thin hanger that would not occupy much space in your closet. By doing so, you can arrange quite many materials or clothes. You can also allocate a particular closet section for shoes, detergents, and other toiletries.

If you are looking for the perfect product for closet storage, the 6-shelf separable hanging clothes organizer has got you. The shelf is enough to store your casual clothes, and you can separate them into halves. This will help to keep your clothes from dust and prolong their durability. The product is highly recommended because it is made of quality materials, including natural flax, paperboard, polyester, and metal.

separable hanging clothes organizer

Use a Versatile Rolling Cart

Using a versatile rolling cart is an ideal way to save space in your dorm. This versatile dorm room storage item can be used in place of nightstands or end tables. However, the product should be versatile enough to store several items. It could be books, tiny clothes, or stationeries. The metal rolling storage cart is a perfect product that fits this description.

The metal storage cart from Greenliving is versatile enough to store your fruits and veggies. This is because it is well-designed to fit into almost every dorm room's storage needs. Since the space can be tiny, a dorm room decor requires you to maximize the area as much as possible. You can even roll in the storage cart while changing the location of your room objects. Thus, it is the perfect multifunctional item for your living room, dining area, bedroom, garage, e.t.c.

 metal storage cart

Use Under Sink Shelves for Toiletry Storage

Toiletries may seem tiny, but you can easily mess up your dorm room arrangement with them. A dorm room decor is incomplete without an arranged set of toiletries. If you have a roommate, you want to manage the available space as much as possible. Thus, this guide recommends using sink shelves to achieve this. Place the toiletries containers under the sink, and you can put your lotions, deodorants, medications, toothbrushes, and many other toiletries.

You will benefit more if you use the expandable under-sink shelf. This product has a larger storage capacity than the regular types. It also has a 2-layer design that is ideal for vertical storage space. The steel panels are also removable, allowing you to clean the products for enhanced durability.

expandable under-sink shelf

Display Jewellery with Multiple-tier Organizer

Do you have fancy jewellery you do not want to hide in your closet? You can use a multiple-tier organizer. This organizer is usually in a single compartment and does not take up much space. With creativity, you can turn your jewellery into art using the 4-tier portable white round jewelry accessory.

The jewellery storage accessory will secure your necklaces and earrings. Although some homeowners put their jewellery in a fabric storage box, it is not the best idea. The multiple-tier box allows you to allocate each layer for a particular type of jewellery. All the layers may not be used at the same time. Others can be closed as any of the layers is being used.

Wholesale Dorm Supplies

Generally, every storage supply you need for your dorm is a financial investment when purchased from Greenliving. Using a fabric storage box is undoubtedly impressive, but you will enjoy more benefits when you buy wholesale.

  • Access to flexible payment terms.
  • Opportunity to buy your dorm room storage items at the best price in the market.
  • Purchase from a trusted supplier with over 30 years of experience supplying household products.
  • Eco-products that are highly sustainable and attractive products for consumers. Thus, it increases the chances of acquiring more sales.
  • Wide range of options to boost your dorm room decor.


Achieving a well-arranged and premium dorm room decor is not a cliche. As discussed in this guide, you can get the needed storage materials with the correct information. Also, you need reliable suppliers to provide a high-quality product that will serve its purpose. You can get premium and eco-friendly supplies from Greenliving. Contact us now for more information!

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