How to Buy Affordable Dorm Room Supplies Wholesale

September. 9, 2022 | Written by Aisha

How to Buy Affordable Dorm Room Supplies Wholesale

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If you just moved into the college or relocated to a new hostel, you may need some supplies for your room. To get premium materials, you need to make an essential dorm list. The list should include important items such as wooden hangers and shower brushes. With the increased cost of living, you may need affordable dorm storage items from reputable suppliers. Moreover, this article contains the correct information on making the best decision when buying wholesale products in your room. Remember, you make an excellent choice by investing in wholesale products, so you want to ensure you get value for your money.

Factors to Consider During Selection

Undoubtedly, there will be several room supplies to choose from, but it will be unwise to make impulse buying decisions. It would help if you considered certain factors that confirm you are making the best decision for yourself. Below are things that should influence your buying decision.

Individual's Habit

Your habit should influence the items included in your essential dorm list. For instance, if you often drink coffee while working on your study table, you will need a wooden cup coaster. Also, if you are an impulsive buyer, you may want to consider an online purchase. As much as possible, always stick to the essential dorm list. This will also help you to manage your finances for the semester or session.

Room Space

Your size will determine how many items you need. A big room with a study table and chair may require getting one. However, you can read about how to maximize your dorm room size. It will also require that you pay attention to details to prevent overspending. For instance, check if your bed can accommodate some storage items underneath. Regardless of size, you can still achieve a fantastic room with creativity.

Available Provision

Before moving into your dorm room, what items were provided by the management? This is not the same as emphasizing the quantity of the available items. You need to estimate if the items are suitable for you. Doing so allows you to easily decide the supplies you are replacing and the essential new ones to buy. However, bear in mind to stick with your budget because most dorm management often provide needed items in the dorm rooms.

What dorm Items Should You Buy?

If you find it difficult to compile an essential dorm list, you probably added unnecessary supplies to the list. To spend less on dorm room items, you should consider buying wooden hangers in bulk. It is more cost-effective as wholesales than per-unit purchase. You will discover other necessary things you should buy as you read further.

Natural Wooden Hangers for Clothes

Natural wooden hangers for clothes are relatively affordable, with a discounted price of $48.99 on the Greenliving website. Apart from its affordability, it is eco-friendly and eradicates the destructive action of moths on clothes. Having a wooden hanger is necessary because you may not have the time and luxury to iron your dress every time. It would help if you had a hanger to help you keep your apparel, shirts, and skirts in their original shapes. Each pack contains 20 hangers, giving you more chances to arrange your whole closet. Thus, please consider buying your wooden hangers in bulk.

Natural Wooden Hangers for Clothes

Long Handle Shower Brush

After having a rough and tiring day, what next? You need the affordable extra long-handle body brush. It helps serve as a body exfoliator and massager. The shower brush is highly recommended for individuals with skin problems such as aches. These skin reactions often result from piled dirt and clogged pores. You can keep your body clean by buying wholesale and worrying less about running out of a shower brush.

Long Handle Shower Brush

Facial Cleaning Brush

Besides buying a hanger wholesale, you can also get a natural facial cleaning brush. The recommended product from Greenliving has wool bristle, which is best for soft skin. If your face is super sensitive, you need this naturally-made product. You do not need to overspend on the spa to exfoliate your skin and remove the extra oils. You can achieve smooth skin in the comfort of your home.

Facial Cleaning Brush

Wooden Cup Coaster

As mentioned earlier, you need a wooden cup coaster to prevent water or drink stains on your study or work table. Meanwhile, the hand-crafted octagon wood coaster is made with a metal holder. This provides the solution you need to prevent water rings or drink spills on your table. Users also have six pieces of coasters from a single set. There is no better time to give your dorm room the required orderliness than now.

Wooden Cup Coaster

Eco-Friendly Home Supplies Wholesale

Getting eco-friendly home supplies does benefit not only the environment but also the user. Eco-friendly products are highly durable, so you can expect them to last long. This is a good investment you could ever give to your home or room.

Buying Wholesales

When you buy a hanger wholesale, you just made a good investment, among several others. You just saved yourself the extra cost and stress of searching online for hangers whenever you need to buy a new one. Because of its environmental friendliness, you also need to focus on wooden hangers in bulk. As a business owner, wholesale investment or order is an excellent strategy to earn a reasonable profit at affordable prices from Greenliving.

Why GreenLiving?

You will undoubtedly find several wholesalers online when searching for a hanger wholesale plug. Since this guide highly recommends Greenliving, why should the brand be your top dorm room items supplier?

Access to Warehouse

Greenliving has a local warehouse in the United States, which validates its credibility. GreenLiving can offer door to door deliver service to your shop. We also provide free samples for you!

One-stop Service

We offers a one-stop service for effective quality control and marketing. From product design to physical product manufacturing, and display on the shelf, we offer a complete solution. You only need to focus on your sales and income. Meanwhile, this is the hallmark of a reputable manufacturing brand.

Product Credibility

Greenliving does not outsource any of its production to a third party. Thus, every retailer can be sure to get precisely what is being ordered. With over 30 years of being in business, Greenliving has earned thousands of reviews in customer satisfaction.

Product Customization

Buying in wholesales does not invalidate customers' needs and preferences. Thus, Greenliving allows customers to customize orders according to their preferred size and logo. With the available skilled and experienced production team, Greenliving can meet all customers' demands.

Professional Team

Greenliving comprises professional multilanguage teams with more than 30 years in supplying decor room products. The team is also open to attending to customer needs. A customer service team is also available 24/7 to answer your inquiries.

Wholesale Discounts

What is the benefit of buying wholesales if you buy at the same price as per-unit purchases? Greenliving understands the customer's desire to minimize cost, so we offers discounts for wholesale buyers. With the tight market competition, business owners can stand out by selling Greenliving products at affordable prices. Thus, you can still earn a lot of profit while making huge sales.


GreenLiving is a global supply chain integration company since 1988, with factories in China and Vietnam. At GreenLiving, we make it possible for you to find out the most economical and sustainable solution for home products Our factories are certified by authorized organizations such as FSC. When you purchase wooden hangers in bulk, you can recycle them while protecting the green environment. Thus, you do not need to worry about the effect of disposing of bulk products. Meanwhile, Greenliving products are highly durable and can last you for a long time. You can contact us to place an order for dorm decor items of your choice.

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