Why is a Wooden Brush Better for your Hair?

Written by Aisha Abimbola

Why is a Wooden Brush Better for your Hair?

Brushing hair is an everyday task for almost everyone. Brushing your hair with a high-quality and durable brush is much easier. However, the material determines how much you enjoy your hair brush. If you have been using steel or plastic material, it is time you switched to a wooden hairbrush. You may wonder why wooden comb is better than plastic? Read this article for further information on wooden comb benefits.

Wooden Hairbrush Stimulates Scalp

One of the essential benefits of wooden hairbrush is scalp stimulation. When the scalp is well-stimulated, it improves blood flows in the head muscles. Hence, a wooden hairbrush helps to relieve tension or a stressful day. You will maximize the benefits of a wooden hairbrush when using the natural wooden paddle hair brush to massage the scalp. This hairbrush is made with bamboo, strengthening the effect of the brush on your hair.

Once your hair scalp experiences a good massage, it strengthens the hair follicles. This reduces the rate of breakage that may occur while strengthening your hair. Since a wooden hairbrush is highly effective, you can get it wholesale. Wholesales make sure you have the products in sufficient amounts. The prices from Greenliving are friendly, so retailers can resell to earn some profits.

Why is a Wooden Brush Better for your Hair?

Wooden Hairbrush is Eco-friendly and Sustainable

The importance of an eco-friendly environment cannot be overemphasized. Among several other wooden comb benefits, sustainability impacts the general society. Since it is renewable, it creates less waste for the environment. Also, it allows you to contribute to the environment while maintaining your beauty positively.

Wooden Hairbrush is Less Static

A static hairbrush is not ideal for human hair. A wooden hairbrush is less static than plastic hairbrushes, which could have hindered hair growth. Also, a wooden hairbrush eradicates any static that could have been present in your hair. It would help if you had an eco-friendly and anti-static flat wooden comb for a good hair massage. This wooden hairbrush is made with sandalwood, preventing your hair from breaking. You can be sure to experience less pain than using a hairbrush with other materials, such as plastic.

Wooden Hairbrush Promotes Hair Growth

Human hair grows by the needed nutrients. However, these nutrients are best distributed by the wooden hairbrush. If you desire lengthy hair, you should consider using a wooden brush. It circulates blood throughout the muscle, helping the nutrients to reach specific regions on the head.

Why is a Wooden Brush Better for your Hair?

Why Choose Greenliving?

There are several wooden hairbrush vendors, but why should you choose Greenliving? Greenliving is a manufacturing brand that allows users to customize their hairbrush orders. The brand's products are highly durable and long-lasting. This implies you can request the specific size, style, and color you want. Also, you can be sure to get purely natural hair brushes from Greenliving.


An artificial hairbrush could further damage your hair. Hence, it would help to have a hairbrush made with eco-friendly materials like wood. Meanwhile, If you have already decided to buy a hairbrush, the next step is to choose a vendor. You can get your wooden hairbrush from the reputable brand, Greenliving. The brand has various hair brushes of different designs and colors. It enables you to make the best choice from several available options.

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