Ways to Keep Your Bread Fresh and Healthy

Written by Aisha Abimbola

Ways to Keep Your Bread Fresh and Healthy

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Do you know you can keep your bread healthy after days of buying it? Whether you just bought a freshly baked bread from the store or baked it yourself, you can keep your bread fresh for a longer time. The first step is to avoid storing your bread in a plastic bag. It would help to have a dry, calm, dark place like a wood bread box. When you buy the best bread box, you get enough ventilation you need without heating the bread. What other ways can you keep your bread fresh? If you want to know how to keep bread fresh, read this article further.

Wrap it in a Ziploc Bag

Instead of placing your bread directly inside a container, you can first wrap it in a ziploc bag. This can keep your bread for about 4-5 days. A ziploc bag also prevents your bread from being stale and moldy. Ziploc bags are also made with fancy closures which allow you to insert and remove your bread easily. Interestingly, ziploc bags also help preserve some other food items apart from bread. However, avoid putting different food items in the same bag.

Ways to Keep Your Bread Fresh and Healthy

Use Linen Bags

Linen bags are excellent options you want to try out. You can get linen bags of several sizes, shapes, and colors. When you get a linen bag with a drawstring, it allows your bread to lose moisture, which could deteriorate it. Also, linen bags are usually a cheaper alternative to other storage materials. Many people misunderstand linen bags as plastic bags. Meanwhile, they are made with different materials.

Use a Bread Box

Even though your bread has addictives, which were included in it while baking, it will eventually fade off. Hence, it would help if you placed it in a bread box to improve its shelf life. Since the optimal temperature for bread storage is a dry and dark environment, using a bread box is the best way to achieve this.

Ways to Keep Your Bread Fresh and Healthy

The organic large wooden bread box has a roll-top.cover that allows little ventilation inside the container. At the same rate, you get the required humidity that stops the growth of molds or bacteria. You can retain the outer crust layer when you nakedly store your bread in a bread box. Putting your bread in a container before placing it inside a bread box will increase the required room temperature. Hence, the best bread box will achieve the desired result without allowing extreme ventilation or retaining excess moisture.

Other Benefits of Using a Wood Bread Box?

Knowing how to keep bread fresh is understanding the most effective storage materials. A wood bread box is the best option among several other storage items. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. Wood bread boxes are made with plant-sourced materials, which are renewable. Hence, there is a reduced record of wastage from using a wood bread box.


Knowing how to keep bread fresh, you want to get your storage materials. Getting highly durable material that will store your bread and other food items effectively is essential. Also, consider a brand that will give you access to various storage options. Hence, check the Greenliving collection for your wood bread box. You can also buy your ziploc and linen bags here at affordable prices.

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