How to Organize Spices in Your Kitchen

October. 21, 2022 |  Written by Aisha

How to Organize Spices in Your Kitchen


Identifying the spices during a rushing cooking hour can be frustrating. This has made some people give up on spices, while others leave the kitchen disorganized. Meanwhile, the sight of a messy kitchen can be discouraging. Thus, the most effective solution is to get a wooden spice rack to help organize your spices. It could be alphabetically or according to usage urgency. This article further contains detailed information on how to organize spices.

Where to Store Spices?

Several kitchen materials can serve as storage boxes for your kitchen spices. Although they serve the same function, they exist in different designs and sizes. You need to consider the number of spices to choose the most appropriate storage option.

Multi-Layer Spice Shelf

This multi layer spice shelf is ideal for storing bottles of different sizes. It is built in three to four layers to accommodate the several bottles available in your kitchen. The multi layer spice shelf is also made with a sturdy steel material, which is highly durable and non-prone to rust.

Multi-Layer Spice Shelf

Magnetic Spice Rack

This spice organizer for cabinet is easy to use, as users simply need to attach it to the wall with the aid of the magnetic feature. The magnetic spice rack is an ideal option for a kitchen with inadequate storage option. Thus, minimizing the wall or countertop is a genius idea.

Multi-Layer Spice Shelf

3-Tier Bamboo Wooden Spice Rack

This spice organizer for cabinet is one of the best spice storage you can ever find. The 3-tier bamboo wooden spice rack is spacious and can accommodate both big and small jars of spices. Interestingly, the wooden spice rack is also adjustable, allowing users to customize it as fit.

3-tier bamboo wooden spice rack

How to Organize Spices?

This section covers the practical steps on how to organize spices. Meanwhile, they are simple to implement and remember.

  • Organize them in alphabetical order: This is the most common and easiest way to organize your spice shelf. This is how it is primarily done in grocery stores. You can easily set up the arrangement if you know the spices' names.
  • Grouping by category: You can arrange your kitchen spices based on what they are being used for. For instance, arrange spices used for baking in a section, and the other section can contain stew or soups spices. Frequently used spices like onion powder, red pepper, and salt can be placed at the front line.
  • Do your own labeling: What happens when you cannot remember your spice name? Your own labeling will come to the rescue. You can attach a paper tape with a name written on it to the sides of the jar. You can use any name as long as you can easily remember it.


Knowing how to organize spices is easy, and you can even have fun while at it. For instance, arranging jar colors can also be an excellent consideration. Thus, endeavor to explore your mind while also choosing from the varieties of storage items at Greenliving. You can contact us for your wooden spice rack and other kitchen storage items.


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