How to Use Wooden Serving Tray to Decorate Your Home

November. 10, 2022 |  Written by Daniella

How to Use Wooden Serving Tray to Decorate Your Home

Have you been hoarding wooden trays in the back of your saucepan cupboard and praying they don’t fall out every time you open the door? Or perhaps you’ve got a tray that manages to get shuffled around the kitchen so that you can never find it when you wanted it. You may even be looking around your home in frustration and wishing that you had the money to decorate it differently.

Well don’t worry, wooden serving trays are surprisingly versatile – especially when it comes to decorating your home. The wonderful added bonus is that these are also affordable so you won’t break your bank to freshen up your décor. Read on to discover all of the ways that these wooden trays can change your home for the better.

Why Choose Wooden Trays Rather Than Plastic?

There are many reasons to use wooden serving trays rather than their plastic alternative. To start with using wooden products, in general, is a brilliant way to reduce the impact that you have on the environment. This reduces the amount of single-use or hard plastics that get thrown away each year. The durable nature of wood also ensures that you will have your wooden serving trays for years to come, particularly if you buy one that is made with high-quality materials such as this Olive Wooden Round Tray with Blue Resin. This olive wood has been sustainably sourced and the blue resin in the middle ensures that the surface is not easy to scratch. These materials mean that the tray can be used for years to come.

Another reason to choose wooden serving trays over plastic is that they are more aesthetically pleasing. Wooden trays such as this Oval Black Walnut Wood Serving Tray with Blue Resin add character to any environment. There is a bonus as well with these trays because as well as being crafted by professional craftsmen, each tray is entirely unique! This is a refreshing difference from the mass-produced plastic serving trays that you see on the market. It creates a talking point for guests, provides a burst of colour and is suitable for any room in the home.

If you are interested in other eco-friendly kitchen tools then there are several on the market to offer a replacement for their plastic counterparts. For example, these wooden utensils are made of 100% natural material and present a durable option to plastic utensils that often end up in a landfill.

 How to Use Wooden Serving Tray to Decorate Your Home

How Can Wooden Serving Trays Be Used For Decoration?

Read on for three methods on how to use wooden serving trays to create a personal touch and brighten up your home:

1. Table Centrepiece

Wooden serving trays can be placed in the middle of a dining table as the foundation of a centrepiece. They offer an elegant base that can be topped with a vase full of flowers, a salt and pepper grinder, placemats and coasters, or a large candle. The possibilities are endless but this finishing touch can be all that is needed to make a house feel more like a home.

2. Serving Platter

Are you someone who has friends around regularly and love to stick on a film with snacks? Or perhaps you host a weekly girl’s night and are looking for a way to make the night just that bit extra special? Why not use a tray as a wooden serving platter for a snack board that everyone can tuck into? There is plenty of room if you’re considering a meat and cheese board, or even if you want a serving platter you can put ramekins on to divide your popcorn and milk chocolate peanuts.

Don’t worry if these aren’t to your taste. If you’d rather be curled up in bed with Netflix or a video game, you can still use this tray for the snacks for you to grab with ease. You could even use a wooden tray as part of your console set up as somewhere stylish to put your controllers!

3. Reading Tray 

Do you have a space on your coffee table that is driving you insane or an ottoman that just doesn’t quite seem to fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of the room? Using a wooden serving tray as a base, you can top this off with your favourite book, a coaster for your coffee mug, a succulent or a notepad and a pen! This adds a classy personal touch to your room and creates a handy place for you to store your favourite book or notebook (which looks great and stops you from having to ransack your room for them).


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your wooden serving trays to see how you can decorate your home. The options above are only a few of the many ways that you can use the versatility of these trays to add your own personal touches to your space.


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