Four Spectacular Ideas for Spice Storage

November. 18, 2022 |  Written by Daniella

Four Spectacular Ideas for Spice Storage

Are you constantly moving your spices out of the way to see if you’ve got any pasta left in the back of your kitchen cupboards? You could have even been scrolling online and seen video after video of organised kitchens with an enormous wooden spice rack decorating the walls. If you’re wondering what changes to make to your kitchen to achieve a more organised space for your spices, then read on for four fantastic ideas for spice storage.

Organize Spices Using a Multi-Layered Shelf

A brilliant method of getting rid of cluttered counters or overflowing cupboard spaces is to use a multi-layered shelf to organise your spices. This allows you to be able to access your spices straight away and removes the stress of finding them from your cooking life. It is important though to use a high quality multi-layered spice shelf because there is nothing more infuriating than reaching for your spices and knocking your whole shelf over! This heavy duty shelf offers a stylish and durable way to organise your spices.

Maximize Your Space By Using Your Vertical Space

If you’re currently fighting for space in your kitchen, don’t worry! There are ways to maximise the vertical space that you already have in your home. This doesn’t have to mean mounting a giant wooden spice rack to your wall. If you have an empty space on the side of your fridge, or a random gap in between your window and wall that you haven’t known what to do with, then a hanging spice shelf could be for you. These shelves mean that you can constantly see your spices and can monitor when they need refilling. Also, using a vertical spice shelf means that you regain some of your cupboard space too!

spice shelf

Use a Labelled Spice Basket

When hunting for ideas for spice storage, it’s not always easy to find a solution that fits your kitchen. If you don’t have any vertical, counter, or cupboard space to use then you could use a labelled spice basket. Using a basket to organise your spices means that you can put this away anywhere that you have space, whether this is on top of your fridge or tucked away on your windowsill. For ease of use, you could also get some handy spice stickers that go on the lid so you can quickly see which spice you need.

When choosing a basket for your spices, it is key to find one that is easy to clean. It can be disheartening when you buy a brand new fabric basket, only to find it stained with paprika two weeks later. Although you may be tempted by a plastic basket, metal storage baskets better for the environment and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Metal Basket with Wood Handles

Place Spices Over Your Microwave Oven

It may surprise you to know how much space you could have been overlooking in your kitchen that could be used for spice storage. For example, it is possible to get spice racks that fit above your microwave! A raised shelf above the microwave leaves enough room for ventilation when cooking and also means that you can utilise as much space as you can. The bamboo rack from GreenLiving has a chopping board holding built on to the side too which means you can save even more space!

spice shelf


Each kitchen is unique, and these four ideas for spice storage offer ways for you to utilise the space you have in your home in a way that’s right for you. Whether you decide to use baskets, vertical shelves or multi-layered shelves, there are many ways to make your kitchen work for you.


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