Five Items That You Need On Your Kitchen Counter

November. 18, 2022 |  Written by Daniella

Five items that you need on your kitchen counter

Some of the most desired space in a kitchen is countertop space, and for good reason. Our countertops provide room for chopping boards, mug trees, gadgets, spices and much more! However, it’s not always obvious how to make the most out of your space. If you’ve been searching for more ideas for kitchen counter organisation, then you’re in the right place. Read on to discover kitchen organisation products that will help maximise your countertops.

Frequently Used Utensils

To make your kitchen work best for you, it is important to have your most used items in a place that’s easy for you to reach. Although this may seem like a small step, it can make a world of difference. Plus, if you’ve got a beautiful set of utensils then this a brilliant way to show them off instead of burying them in a drawer. This combines an aesthetically pleasing method of organising with a way of making your kitchen more personalised to you.

Paper Towel Holder

We’ve been through that horrible moment when we’re cooking happily in our kitchens when something has gone spilling everywhere. It can be a nightmare when this happens and having paper towels to hand in these situation can be such a saving grace. Getting a paper towel holder for your countertop means that you always know where your paper towels are when you need them, plus you can see easily when you need to restock as well.

If you’re short on countertop space and you’re not sure you want to sacrifice your space for a paper towel holder then you’re in luck. Much like the utensils above, there are kitchen organisation products you can use to keep your towels handy but not on your countertop. For example, this stylish paper towel holder can be mounted on to the wall so it has all of the advantages as before but without taking surface space.

paper towel holder

Key Cooking Ingredients

Do you have a go-to comfort meal that you always reach for after a hard day? Say for example, your favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese and you know that you’re cooking this up every week or so. It is very useful to have your spaghetti stored on the countertop. This makes it quick to grab, as well as helps you to see when you’re running low. There are lots of beautifully decorated countertop jars for spaghetti or pasta on the market, so you can even use these to add a unique spin to your kitchen. This is just one example, but can be applied to your favourite spices and ingredients.

Five Items That You Need On Your Kitchen Counter

Hooks for Hanging

If you like the idea of having your frequently used utensils on display but don’t like this idea for kitchen counter organisation specifically, then don’t worry. You can use hook hangers instead! These allow you to hook your utensils on the hanger and can be put in any available space you have in the kitchen. The hook hangers from GreenLiving come with the added bonus of not having to drill them in or use nails – there are no tools required!

Hook hangers can be used to hang anything that you’d like from your kitchen – an apron, a tea towel or oven gloves for example. The ideas for kitchen counter organisation are endless.

 Five Items That You Need On Your Kitchen Counter

Mug Holder Stand

There are many kitchen organiser countertop products, but the one that you would definitely have heard of is the mug holder stand. It is no wonder that this kitchen organiser countertop product is so popular though as it frees up a lot of space! We all have our favourite mugs and it gives the kitchen a warm homely feel to decorate it in a way that shows off our personalities too.

There are even mug holder stands that have hooks either side, with space underneath the mug hooks for extra storage space. This can be used for your favourite tea bags, hot chocolate or coffee. Alternatively, you can use this to put more mugs on if you wanted too as well!

Five Items That You Need On Your Kitchen Counter


These ideas for kitchen counter organisation can make all of the difference to your space and allow you to personalise your kitchen in ways that work best for you. By having your most frequently used utensils and cooking ingredients on display, a level of ease is created and can help make your kitchen a beautiful and relaxing space.


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