6 Reasons Why You Should Use Wooden Bread Box

November. 27, 2022 |  Written by Daniella

Why You Should Use Wooden Bread Box

When you’re walking down the aisle of a furniture store, one thing that is guaranteed to be there is a matching wood bread box and hot drink canister set. Have you found yourself staring at the array of kitchen organiser countertop products and wondering what’s so special about this one in particular? Initially, you may even be tempted to just keep on walking and think that you’re saving money. However, there are many reasons that picking up a bread box is a great idea!

Keeps Your Bread Fresher

One of the most obvious reasons to consider getting a bread box is that it keeps your food fresher for longer. If you’ve found yourself rushing out the door in the morning and wanting to grab some toast for the journey, only to find that your bread is rock hard – that’s because it has spent a prolonged time exposed to oxygen. Food products such as bread will go stale a lot faster if they are out in the open, and a bread box helps to solve this problem. Boxing your bread also makes sure that the bread stays at room temperature and is less influenced by changes in temperature in your house.

Keeps Your Bread Protected

Practically wise, it also keeps your bread protected. This may sound like a silly concept at first, but it is very easy for bread products to be ruined by random spills, falling tins from cupboards, or even pets exploring the countertops. Having a bread bin ensures that the food is safe from being squashed, soaked, or being grabbed by tiny hands or paws.

Why You Should Use Wooden Bread Box

Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason is that having a bread box, especially one with a decorative flair (such as an embossed or wooden bread box) is much more aesthetically pleasing. It allows you to put your spin and style in your kitchen as opposed to having half-filled plastic packages littering your countertop. In fact, a bread box gives an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, particularly if you use a metal or wood bread box, which is another bonus in itself. A box for your food presents a more organised place and will provide your countertop with a much tidier look. This is certainly the case if you like to buy multiple bread products that may come in contrasting packaging, your bread bin offers the perfect solution for any aesthetic clashes.

Keeping Things Organized

A vintage bread box is also a brilliant conversation starter with guests too as it reflects more of your personality into your kitchen. It is a more unique kitchen organizer countertop product than a mass-produced one found in a furniture shop and you can decorate it in any way that you see fit. Some bread boxes like the vintage bread box from GreenLiving, linked above, also have a shelf space on top. This doubles the amount of counter space as it allows for things to be put on top of your bread without it being squashed. Whether you decide to use this for tea towels, butter, jams, or extra mug space, every little bit of room helps.


When buying a bread box, whether this is a wood bread box or otherwise, it is really important to make sure that you’ve purchased the right size for you. If you are someone who loves to bake, has a large family, or often has friends over, for example, it is more useful to have a larger bread box. It is also key to make sure that the bread box has a closable lid so you can really maximise the freshness of your food for longer.

There are so many reasons to consider a bread box for your home, and as they keep your food better for longer, they can actually save you more money than you’d expect in the long run.


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