3 Ways of Removing Stains and Odors from Shoes

Ways of Removing Stains and Odors from Shoes

It is understandably frustrating when a person cannot remove a shoe in public for fear of releasing an awful smell. This mainly occurs when the weather is hot and your feet sweaty. If you have been seeking an end to this smell, here is a detailed cleaning procedure. Before moving on, you need to get a shoe brush because it is one of the necessary materials you will need.

1.Washing your Shoes Regularly

You need to schedule a time for your shoe cleaning. If you have plenty of tasks on your plate, create a calendar to carry out the cleaning process. However, begin by removing your shoe soles and strings. Then pour some quantity of detergent into a bowl of water. Get your shoe cleaning brush, and apply it gently without damaging the shoe material. With this, you will successfully eliminate any stain and odor on your shoe.

2.Using Vinegar or Baking Soda

You need to get the right baking soda without strong chemicals; and fill up the shoe with baking soda, and add vinegar. This should produce a foaming effect. However, do not be quick to remove the shoe, as the agents need to soak into it. After 15 minutes, remove the shoe and rinse with clean water. Get a suitable shoe brush if you observe some dirt lingering on the footwear.

3.Non-Washable Shoes

Avoid soaking your shoe inside water if you want to eradicate the odor from a glued shoe. Water will weaken the gum and subject the shoe to shorter longevity. Instead, use other cleaning methods that do not involve water. Gently dip cotton in alcohol to destroy the bacteria responsible for the awful smell. You can also use disinfectants that you will easily spray on the inside of the footwear.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale for your Shoe Brush?

Check their review page when looking for the appropriate shoe brushes wholesale. What reputation does the company have with past and present customers? You should also choose a company with several categories of shoe brushes. This means you are not limited to a few options, and you can explore your choices.

For instance, the long solid wood handle shoe brush cleaner proves the existence of its short counterpart. However, a shoe brush with handle is easier to use than brushes with short handles.

Moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, which will release a more offensive odor. In addition, ensure to dry off your shoes before wearing them. You may request cleaning tools or agents with your shoe brushes wholesale.


Moisture is a significant cause of smelly feet or shoes. To achieve an effective cleaning result, you need to be sure the moisture issue is being dealt with. There are several methods you can employ, but ensure to choose the most convenient one. You can also check Greenliving for your shoe brush. The wood handle makes it easier and faster to clean your shoes.

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