The Usefulness of Lambswool Duster and Keeping it in a Good Condition

The Usefulness of Lambswool Duster and Keeping it in a Good Condition

As easy as it may sound, some people have challenges cleaning their home tools. These days, there are different home surfaces, while some will require a thorough cleaning to wipe dirt off. On the other hand, dusters have proven to clean surfaces more than other cleaning materials. If you have difficulty wiping dirt off hard surfaces, you may want to try a lambswool duster. It quickly absorbs dirt and is readily available in the market. Read on to find out other things you need to know about this cleaning tool.

Is It Good To Use a Lambswool Duster?

A Lambswool duster is the best cleaning tool you ever need in your home. It helps to absorb dirt from almost every surface. As the name implies, the dusters are made from lambskin, making them an excellent absorbent. Also, the duster is easy to clean, provided you follow the proper measures.

How to Clean Lambswool Duster

Cleaning wool dusters are not as complex as you may have thought. You only need five basic materials. These materials include hand towels, glycerin, water, wool fabric cleaner, and vacuum cleaner.

Step One

The first step is to let off the excess dirt hanging on the duster. Dust the material against another surface to make the excess dust come off. This will hasten the subsequent cleaning process. Once done with this, use a hand towel to wipe off any existing heavy dirt. These processes do not completely clear off the dirt; they only dust off the heavy dirt.

Step Two

The next step is to apply the vacuum cleaning method. Some dust will remain at the grime of the Lambswool duster after the first stage. The best way to remove this dirt is by gently rubbing the vacuum cleaner against the wool fiber. However, apply a low pressure here not to overstretch the wool material. Also, a lambswool duster with an extension handle makes this process much more manageable.

Step Three

This stage is where you use your bowl of water and wool fabric cleaner. However, you can use another soap solution apart from the wool fabric cleaner. Add the solution into your bowl of water, and allow the premium Lambswool duster with a wooden long handle to soak for some minutes. You can allow it to soak for about 1 hour while moving the wool dusters in a circular motion in between. After this, rinse the dust with cold water, as the dirt would have been extracted already.

premium Lambswool duster with a wooden long handle

Step Four

You can either skip this stage or not, depending on the result achieved in step three. If some dirt still lingers around, use a detergent powder to wash the lambswool duster. After doing this, rinse off the detergent with cold water.

Step Five

The step is where you add glycerine to the lambswool duster after cleaning it up. This will help regain the natural oil that may have been lost during the cleaning process. After applying the oil, leave the duster to dry up


Using a lambswool duster is an efficient way of cleaning your house. Truthfully, lambswool duster is relatively more expensive than most of its alternatives, but it is worth the investment. Also, it has long durability, provided you carry out the proper maintenance and cleaning process. To enhance its durability, you can get your lambswool from a reputable supplier like Greenliving. Quality is guaranteed at this service.

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