Key Ways to Keep Your Stored Clothes From Moulds

March. 16, 2022 | Written by Aisha

Key Ways to Keep Your Stored Clothes From Moulds

Many people are guilty of storing clothes that they end up not wearing for two seasons. However, there is no crime in being a cloth lover or fashion enthusiast. You only need to keep the clothes clean so as not to get damaged due to mold growth. Closet organization is not as difficult as you think, provided you take the proper steps. Firstly, you may want to start with waterproof fabric storage bins. This gives no chances for molds to grow at their suitable temperature. What other strategy should you implement? Read on to find out more.

Choose the Correct Container

Cardboards and boxes are becoming the trending objects for offloading clothes, especially if you live in the United States. Cardboards are eco-friendly and easy to use, but are your clothes safe when you leave them there for a long time? Fabric does not protect itself against bugs and moisture. Hence, sustainability completely depends on the storage container. You may want to switch to fabric storage bins with lids because cardboards are best for keeping books.

2 Drawers Collapsible Fabric Storage Bins with Lids

Avoid Putting Your Clothes Very Close to Storage Unit Walls

Your clothes should receive adequate air as much as possible. When placed towards the wall, it restricts airflow, and moisture accumulates. Also, let there be tiny spaces in the cloth storage. This will ensure they are not heating up with one another. When there is enough air circulation, you can eliminate mold rate.

Put Cedar Balls and Desiccants in Linen Boxes

You can add cedar balls and desiccants to your storage bins, while each serves its purpose. Cedar balls and desiccants are those small pockets you find in your new sneakers and shoes. The goal is to absorb excess moisture and keep the footwear fresh until it finds a buyer. You can also put these desiccants in your closet to prevent mold growth.

On the other hand, cedars help to repel insects from your closet. It also has a pleasant smell that does not let your clothes smell bad, no matter how long they have been stored. However, try to put cedars in a plastic bag before placing them on your clothes. Greenliving has collapsible fabric storage bins with lids, suitable for bedroom closets. You can also widen your options by exploring the several products available.

Control the Climate of the Storage Unit

These storage tips mainly apply to areas with extreme temperatures. The purpose of your storage unit is not to let your clothes depend on the natural weather. You can control the storage temperature through the built-in units or system. This way, the clothes are constantly dry, which keeps molds away.


You want to make sure to keep your clothes storage as dry as possible. Any slight moisture may foster the growth of molds. In addition, you can use cat litter. Although people barely talk about it, it has proven to absorb moisture than ever. It also helps to absorb moisture but ensures a systematic cleaning process. That is, do not let it linger for a long time in your closet. If you want to protect your clothing storage from mold invasion, it is high time you contacted Greenliving.

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