Here are Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste!

August.5, 2022 | Written by Aisha

 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

There is a high rate of plastic disposed into the environment, which concerns the government and society at large. When there is excess plastic in the environment, it threatens the stability of both plants and animals. According to the OECD report, only 9% of the used plastics are successfully recycled. Since plastic producing industries are many in top countries, the possible solution is to manage its disposal. Also, plastic usage can be minimized by using a better alternative, such as reusable shopping bags. Moreover, this article further explains other ways of reducing plastic waste.

The Importance of Reducing Plastic Waste

Although it may seem like the COVId-19 incident caused a reduction in plastic usage, only a 2.2% reduction was recorded. This happened due to a decline in economic activity; since most activities are back, the reduction rate is much negligible. More than ever, there is more emphasis on reducing plastic waste for the reasons highlighted below.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission
  • Proper utilization of raw materials
  • Preserves energy
  • Promotes reusable shopping bag, thus minimizing cost.
  • Encourages environmental sustainability

Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

Since reducing plastic waste has become a global call, it is now the duty of every responsible citizen. Hence, below are ways you can contribute to reducing plastic pollution.

  1. Do you have a favorite coffee spot? You can enjoy your drink while contributing positively to the green environment. An excellent way to achieve this is always taking a reusable coffee cup with you. You can also get a storage bag to carry the coffee cup with you conveniently.
  2. You can influence the drink shop attendants to do the right thing. Instead of the regular plastic straws served with drinks, request an alternative. Fortunately, there are more renewable products from plant sources.
  3. Using disposable products and packages may seem like the most convenient for customers. However, they often liter the environment, causing more pollution. The most effective method is to use a recyclable product.
  4. Unfortunately, not all grocery stores understand the dangers of plastic waste. However, countries like the US mandate that stores serve customers with a reusable shopping bag. As a result, customers have access to shopping bag wholesale. This is more cost-effective and allows you to use your several shopping bags flexibly.
reusable shopping bag

Where to Get your Wholesale Shopping Bag

You probably do not want to wait till you get to a store before buying a shopping bag wholesale. Staying in the queue with other customers to make payments for your shopping bags could be overwhelming. As a result, order online from the reputable and most trusted brand - Greenliving.

The eco-friendly storage bag and reusable shopping bag are designed to enhance ease of usage for every user. They are highly durable and can serve users the intended purpose for as long as possible. The materials are foldable, making commuting easier with your storage bag. They can fit into the pockets, and your tiny bags, so you will worry less about it affecting your fashion style.

reusable shopping bag

Benefits of Shopping Bag Wholesale

Why should you buy shopping bag wholesale when you can buy per unit? Firstly, the eco-friendly storage bag is trendy, so it is a highly fashionable option. Carrying this shopping bag proves you are well enlightened about social growth and trends.

The exciting aspect of shopping bag wholesale from Greenliving is the discount price. This is an opportunity for every retailer to earn some profit for themselves. More so, intending buyers can customize their orders. You can specify the logo, design, and style you want.


Hopefully, you have decided to join the train in reducing plastic pollution. Since you will have fewer plastics in your home, you need a storage bag to store your reusable coffee cup and other recyclable products. You can contact Greenliving for the storage bag of your choice.

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