The Eco Friendly Solutions to Plastic Hanger Problem

Written by Aisha Abimbola

The Eco Friendly Solutions to Plastic Hanger Problem

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The world is currently facing some depletion in the ozone layer. To minimize this, we need biodegradable materials which break down into harmless substances. However, many plastics are not biodegradable unless made from plants. Plastic hangers are a significant concern because they are primarily found in many homes. Meanwhile, some homes buy wooden hangers in bulk, hoping to use them for several purposes. Hence, it appears that an eco friendly hanger is the best solution to the green environment threats.

Problems of Plastic Hangers

Before delving further, why do plastic hangers need a replacement? Below are the common problems associated with using plastic hangers.

Hard to Recycle

Unlike biodegradable products, plastic hangers are not easy to recycle. This also implies they will be wasted and not transformed into another functional form. This will also hurt the economy since most product ingredients will be wasted.

Not Durable

Plastic hangers are not durable, making them not cost-effective. Unlike wooden materials, they wear out quickly and are not easy to maintain. Since they cannot last for many years, a user will need a replacement as soon as possible. Since a wooden hanger is easy to clean and maintain, it increases durability.

High Level of Waste

About 6-20 billion plastic hangers are reported to waste on the land yearly. Since they have a large carbon footprint, it is unsafe to have many plastics in a community. For thousands of years, plastics will keep occupying large mass areas, which also causes pollution. This means a large production of plastics is pointless because they will eventually waste.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Hangers

An eco friendly hanger has considerable durability over plastic hangers. An example of eco friendly hanger is the ideal sturdy wooden hanger for coats and dresses made from eucalyptus woods. You can switch from plastic hangers by ordering a wooden coat hanger.

Eco Friendly Hangers

The premium wooden hangers with 360° swivel hook and cut notch has 20 packs for several clothing items. They are not made of non-biodegradable plastics. Many industries induce plastics to biodegrade, which is not the best option. Hence, the best option is to get a wooden material made from natural substances.

Getting Wooden Hangers of Quality Material

Greenliving is a quality brand that designs its products with non-radioactive and natural materials. An example is the natural cedar wood hanger with wide shoulders for clothing display.

When buying a wooden coat hanger, ensure you use a supplier with various designs. You can easily recycle them without the fear of releasing toxic substances into the environment.


If you are more into an eco friendly hanger, consider the aesthetic value. Plastic hangers do not add to closets or drawers' beauty. Also, plastic hangers break easily, increasing the chances of messing up the environment. If you can recycle your cloth hangers, it is a good cause. Instead of allowing things to waste, these items are repackaged to serve other purposes. Although prices of hangers vary, you can order wooden hangers in bulk at affordable prices from Greenliving. Since these hangers are designed to suit several clothes, you may want to reach out to the brand's customer team.

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