Why Do You Need Drink Coasters?

October. 8, 2022 |  Written by Daniella

Why Do You Need Drink Coasters

Sometimes it can be quite irritating when you are having a drink and someone insists on you using a coaster, especially if they move your cup for you. However, you may need to resist rolling your eyes because using a drink coaster actually offers a valuable level of protection for your furniture. This is particularly important if your furniture is made from materials like marble, stone, wood, or has a fabric covering.

Read on to discover more about what drink coasters are used for, what could happen if you don’t use one, and which wooden coaster could be the best on the market.

What Are Drink Coasters Used For?

You may not think using a coaster for cups is that important, but it can make a big difference to your furniture (especially over time). Our furniture can be damaged in several ways including scratches, marks and stains. You would be surprised how many of these could be prevented by using a drink coaster! Many drinks tend to leave water rings or drip marks and, after a while, these can stain your table. The main drinks to watch out for are ones that create condensation (such as fizzy drinks, cold water, juices and some alcohol) – this happens when your drink is below the temperature of dew point. Using a coaster for cups, bottles and glasses will help preserve the state of your furniture and keep it looking good for longer.

What Happens If You Don’t Use A Coaster?

As stated above, using a drink coaster will help prevent damage to your furniture. Repeated exposure to water rings, spills and drips can cause lingering and stubborn stains as well as causing paint to strip. This can be very expensive in the long run as you will need to replace your tables more often to keep them looking fresh… but this can be avoided by buying a set of coasters for your home.

You may be wondering which coasters to buy and where to get them from. Read on to discover which wooden coasters could be the best fit for you.

wooden coaster

Which Wooden Coaster Is The Best?

GreenLiving provide a beautiful set of six wooden coasters - they are hand crafted, octagon shaped and give a perfect layer of protection for your furniture. A huge bonus of this wooden coaster set is that it is completely natural and as a result, much better for the environment. They are not made of just any wood though, the coasters are carved from a high-grade wood and have been created to be durable for long term use.

A common question that arises from owning a wooden coaster is, ‘can I keep this clean?’ There’s no reason to panic though because this set from GreenLiving is easy to clean, in addition to coming with a metal holder (meaning that it is also easy to store!). The material is strong against deformation and distortion, and so will only need a wipe with a dry cloth and quick polish to get back to its shiny, smooth and textured surface.

The best part of this elegant wooden coaster set is that it is currently on sale! It has been reduced from $19.90 to $9.90, meaning that the savings of $10 make it a very affordable way to offer a layer of protection to your furniture.


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