3 Frequently Asked Questions on Toilet Brush

Written by Aisha Abimbola

3 Frequently Asked Questions on Toilet Brush

Some people believe that the bathroom does not need cleaning because they have their bath there. This is an unhygienic habit that can cause the invasion of bacteria. Meanwhile, you do not only need to wash your bathroom but also take care of the equipment therein. Since you use a toilet brush more often than other tools, it needs constant cleaning requirements. This article contains information about how to clean toilet brushes and related questions.

How Often Should I Replace My Toilet Brush?

You should clean your toilet brush every seven days while finding a replacement every six months. You also need a quality toilet brush with a holder, such as a bamboo toilet brush with a long handle for bathroom cleaning. The bamboo material is highly durable, and you can expect it not to fade off quickly.

You may want to follow the seven-day routine for a more thorough cleaning. However, if you notice the toilet cleaning brush has started fading off before six months, you should quickly replace it. Also, it is essential to clean your toilet brush every time you use it. Make sure not to leave chances for bacteria to grow on the toilet brush with holder.

How to Clean a Toilet Brush/Toilet Brush Holder?

Cleaning the toilet and bathroom is not a favourite task of anyone, but it has become a necessity. To evade infections, you need to maintain a healthy environment. The first step is to pour hot and soapy water into the toilet brush holder after every use. Then, use the handle to move the brush in the water and flush the content down the toilet. During this process, avoid the water spilling on you.

Pour a tiny amount inside cold water and the go-ahead to further rinse the brush in this mixture. Then, pour clean water over the brush again. When you are done with this, spray the brush with a disinfectant. Let the brush soak in the disinfectant for at least 30min before rinsing it again with cold water. Bear in mind to clean your brush holder as much as you clean the brush. If the brush holder is dirty, it may contaminate the brush. Hence, every cleaning done to the brush should also be applied to the brush holder.

How to Store Toilet Brush and Plunger

Meanwhile, you can achieve a cleaning regime with the wooden toilet brush and holder set. The wooden material is easy to clean, as you will barely have dirt stuck inside it. It is much easier to overlook your toilet cleaning brush when you place it in its holder. Also, it has a replaceable handle, which makes it more eco-friendly and cost-friendly.


The bathroom is always warm, which is one of the safest places for the growth of microorganisms. Although you do not sleep here, it is essential to keep every part of your home safe. Germs can be easily transferred due to carelessness; hence you can get a brush wholesale as much as you want. Hopefully, your questions regarding toilet brush hygiene have been answered above. Greenliving has bulk items that allow people to order wholesale products either to resell or stock at home.

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