Ways to Maintain your Dusting Brush Properly

Written by Aisha Abimbola

Ways to Maintain your Dusting Brush Properly

A dusting brush is that cleaning tool that you need to have in your home. It is usually an awful sight to see your surroundings mess up and untidy. You need clothes brush to pick off the dirt from your home surface and the surroundings. This piece describes the purpose of the dusting brush, emphasizing why you need it in your home.

What is a Dusting Brush Used for?

A dusting brush makes it easy to wipe off delicate surfaces. The handles are made of wooden material, making them easier to apply across long surfaces. You can conveniently apply the brush on a surface either horizontally or vertically. A wooden brush can be used to clean a carpet, kitchen, bed, sofa, or dining table. You can find a perfect example of an eco-friendly dusting brush from a wholesale supplier.

How to Use a Dusting Brush Properly?

Although wooden dusting brush has more extended durability than its other counterpart materials. A wooden brush still requires some level of care or maintenance from its user. As simple as dusting may seem, there is a method that seems more right than others. Foremost, use a dusting brush to clean large dirt that could not have worked in a vacuum cleaner. Also, make sure the dusting brush handle is long enough not to mess up existing dirt or spill. Below are processes that would help you achieve an effective cleaning using a dusting brush.

  • Using a dusting brush most silently: Many people stay away from vacuum cleaners due to the noise coming out from them. It is even more challenging to use a vacuum cleaner at night or when other family members are resting. Using dustpans and brushes, you will still achieve the same result as a vacuum cleaner.
  • Using a dusting brush to clean less accessible areas: There are certain places in the home that are not easily accessible. These places include the underneath table, shelving units, and behind the wardrobe. You will need to get a dusting brush with a long handle in this case.
  • Using a dusting brush in the least stressful way: Since a vacuum cleaner will require a setup, it is easier to use it. Moreover, placing these dusting brushes in areas closer to their operation space is much easier. Also, you can request a brush wholesale that will serve different purposes.

How to Clean a Dusting Brush?

You need to schedule a regular cleaning routine to keep a dusting brush in good shape. Below are several cleaning tips that may be helpful.

  • Assign several dustpans and brushes to different cleaning sections or functions.
  • Avoid using your dusting brush to clean a wet or glossy mess. It is much easier to clean with a dusting brush that wipes off-dry surfaces.
  • Wash your dusting brush with a detergent and dry before the next application.
  • Avoid storing your wet dusting brush in a damp environment to prevent the growth of bacteria.


A dusting brush is easy to use and readily available in most stores. However, its purpose should determine the size and type you are getting. You may need to relay your needs to your provider to get the best shape that works for you. However, Greenliving is the best place to shop because it has various designs that match several needs.

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