5 Benefits of Wooden Hangers

Jan. 4, 2022 | Written by Lana Kisner

When you’re shopping for hangers, there are many options to choose from. Plastic and wire hangers are sold in cheap bundles, while wooden hangers are commonly used by retail and designer stores. But why are wooden hangers better than other types of hangers, and should you choose them for your closet?

Wooden hangers are durable, stylish, and keep clothes in their best condition. They come in styles and sizes ideal for any garment and can support the weight of heavy coats and suits. Wooden clothes hangers are more expensive than other types of hangers, but they’re a lasting investment for sustainable households.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish upgrade or an eco-friendly switch, there are many benefits of wooden hangers. In this article, we’ll explain the different types of wooden hangers available and how they can make a difference in your home.

Types of Wood Hangers

Benefits of Wooden hangers for clothes

Wood hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different articles of clothing. While some are shaped to support tops, others are specifically made for pants and skirts. Wooden hangers are also made from different types of wood, some of which have unique benefits of their own.

Wooden Hanger Sizes

Wooden clothes hangers commonly range from 12 to 25 inches. Hangers for children are usually between 12 and 14 inches wide, while the average width of adult hangers is 17 inches.

Wooden hangers are frequently used for coats and suits that require additional support. For this reason, the average width for an adult wooden coat hanger is between 16 and 21 inches.

Wooden Hanger Styles

A wooden hanger for clothes may come in several styles. These include coat hangers with wooden, metal, or locking bars, top hangers without bars, or hangers made specifically for pants or skirts.

Wooden top hangers sometimes have notches to hold straps and may also have a wood or metal bar to hold skirts or pants. These bars are sometimes made to fold down and lock on one end, keeping pants from sliding and making it easier to neatly hang and remove them.

A wooden hanger for pants may also be useful for anyone who owns several slacks or skirts. Although these hangers don’t provide a place to hang shirts or coats, they neatly secure garments while also saving space in your closet.

Types of Wood Used in Wooden Hangers

Benefits of Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are made from several types of wood, some of which offer unique additional benefits. Types of wood commonly used to make wooden hangers include:

  • Bamboo
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Walnut

Pine and beech are the cheapest types of wood used to make wooden hangers, while Walnut, Maple, and Birch are higher quality and will cost more. Bamboo is a favorite for eco-friendly users, and cedar is great for keeping away moisture and pests.

5 Benefits of Using Wooden Hangers

The benefits of wooden hangers are both stylistic and utilitarian. They can add style and class to any closet while keeping clothes in their best condition. Let’s look at the top five benefits of using wooden hangers and how they can improve your home.

1. Wood Hangers are Durable and Long-lasting

One of the benefits of wooden hangers is that they are more durable than wire or plastic hangers. Not only does this keep clothes hanging properly, but it extends the life of the hangers themselves.

High-quality wooden hangers tend to be made from one single piece of wood, which means that there are no seams that may crack or break. Although wooden hangers cost more upfront, not having to replace them regularly can save money over time.

Durability and longevity are also desirable traits for anyone who wants eco-friendly products for a sustainable wardrobe. Plastic hangers are rendered useless as soon as they break, but the plastic itself will never break down.

2. Wooden Hangers Provide Support

Eco-friendly wood hangers for clothes

Clothes can easily end up in a pile on the floor when they slip or fall from wire or plastic hangers, but wooden hangers are built to prevent that. They are durable enough to support even the heaviest pants, coats, and suits, and their shape and build keeps clothes hanging properly.

3. Wooden Hangers Prevent Wrinkles

Properly supporting garments keeps your closet organized, but it also preserves the integrity of your garments. Allowing clothes to droop and otherwise improperly hang can stretch them out, and there’s a risk of snagging and tearing clothes on wire hangers.

The proper support from the right type of hanger keeps clothes in their original shape while preventing wrinkles. Not only does this increase the life of your clothes, but it also avoids unnecessary ironing.

4. Wooden Hangers are Visually Appealing

Benefits of Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are more visually appealing than other hangers, and they can give your entire closet a makeover as well. They look classy, keep clothes tidy, and come in a variety of colors and grains to match the décor of any room.

Wire and plastic hangers, on the other hand, look cheap and may not offer enough support to keep your clothes hanging properly.

5. Wooden Hangers Can Do More Than Hang Clothes

Wooden hangers can offer more to your closet than just keeping it in good shape. Bamboo and Cedar wood are both particularly popular due to the unique qualities they offer.

Bamboo is an ideal material for those who are looking for an eco-friendly hanger. Bamboo has a faster growth rate than other types of wood, which, in turn, reduces timber harvesting and protects forest. It is also a biodegradable and lightweight material that is strong enough to support most articles of clothing.

Cedar wood hangers are an excellent choice for coats and suits, especially those that may hang for long periods of time. Untreated Cedar wood absorbs moisture from the air and helps in keeping clothing fresh and dry. In addition, its fragrance repels moths and other insects that can damage clothes.

Wooden Hangers vs Plastic Hangers

Wooden hangers are the best choice for heavy garments because they are durable enough to support their weight, and this support is also useful in keeping clothes in good condition. Plastic hangers, on the other hand, may work fine for lightweight shirts and blouses, but will bend or break with heavier coats and suits and may let garments slip and fall the floor.

Wooden hangers are also a better choice for those who are eco-conscious. While wooden hangers are made to last for many years when used properly, plastic hangers snap easily and result in more waste. Although plastic hangers are recyclable, they are not biodegradable and are often simply tossed in the trash instead.

Wooden hangers are higher quality than plastic hangers, but they will also cost more upfront. A bundle of plastic hangers can cost a fraction of a single wooden hanger, making them a seemingly easy choice for anyone on a budget. However, that wooden hanger can outlast many bundles of plastic hangers and is an investment that can save money in the long run.

One strategy to saving money when buying hangers is to buy wooden hangers in bulk. Another strategy is buying RPET recycled hangers.

RPET is recycled plastic, which is an eco-friendly alternative and a great switch for those living a sustainable lifestyle. They are durable, use less energy when being made, and prevent previously created plastic from ending up in a landfill. RPET hangers are also lightweight and smaller than wooden hangers, making them a great choice for anyone wanting to practice a sustainable and green life in a small space.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Hangers

If you’re searching for eco-friendly ideas for your wardrobe, then wooden hangers should be a staple. The benefits of wooden hangers greatly outweigh their cost, and their price can be reduced when you buy wooden hangers in bulk. To choose the best wooden hangers for your needs, consider the garments you wish to hang, your budget, and the available closet space. There’s no denying that wooden hangers are the best choice for a sustainable wardrobe with an elegant appearance.

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