How to Choose Ideal Hangers for Closet?

Written by Flavia Marin

How to Choose Ideal Hangers for Closet?

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Knowing how to select the best hanger can assist people in staying organized, protecting their clothing, and beautifying their wardrobes. Each style of hanger is distinct and has a certain purpose. Choosing the appropriate hanger style might be difficult with so many options. This article might assist you as a business owner in determining which clothes hangers in bulk are best choice for you as a supplier and what will attract your customer’s interest.

Selecting the Perfect Clothes Hangers

A hanger manufacturer will take a few important features into consideration while creating hangers for clothes.


Choosing the right size hanger for a specific type of clothing necessitates taking into account a variety of parameters connected to the size and type of clothing:

Standard hangers are usually 12" thick and work well for most garments. Use a 1" thick hanger for heavy apparel such as coats, jackets, and robes.

The breadth of the hanger varies depending on the size of the apparel. You can advise you customers to avoid using a hanger that is too big for the clothing and stretches the shoulders, as well as hangers that are too small and cause the shoulders to droop. Always attempt to keep the clothing in its original shape. The following are some suggestions:

  • Children's hangers: Use a 10" hanger for children aged 0 to 3, a 12" hanger for children aged 3 to 8, and a 14" hanger for children aged 15 and over.
  • A 15.5" contour or 16.5" flat hanger is used by petite women, young men and women, and larger toddlers.
  • Use a 16.5" flat or 17" contour hanger for men and women.
  • Use an 18.5" contour hanger for men's suits and XL sizes.
Wooden hangers


    Before buying a hanger, think about the shape. You have two options: flat hangers or curved hangers. Because they fit tightly together, flat hangers are the greatest for saving space. Suits, coats, and dresses should be hung on curved or contoured hangers. The design is inspired by the curvature of the shoulders, which aids in the preservation of these more fragile goods.

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    Accessory and Functionality

    Clothes hangers frequently come with extras or special features that make it easier for users to get the most out of them. Pants bars, non-slip grips, non-staining clips, notches, finishes, and velvet coatings can all be added to a hanger style to increase its value and functionality. Removable or optional clips, cascading hooks, and pants bars are also available on some hangers. Scarves, ties, and even bikinis are easy to store with specialty hangers.

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