Why Wooden Hangers are the Best for Your Closet

Feb. 25, 2022 | Written by Aisha Abimbola

Why Wooden Hangers are the Best for Your Closet

Hangers are best to keep your clothes clean and orderly. There are different hangers out there, made with various materials. These materials include wooden, padded, Non-slip, and plastic hangers. Since wooden hangers are the most common type, it is okay to doubt the credibility of others.

Hence you may ask, wooden hanger for pants Wooden hangers are more flexible and long-lasting than the other materials, but each type serves its hanging purpose. Read further to discover why wooden hangers are the best.

Plastic Hangers

They are in different shapes, styles, and colors. Plastic hangers with a clip are best for pants and skirts, while the one with notches is best for strappy tops. Plastic hangers are perfect for arranging your casual jeans, polo shirts, and T-shirts.

Padded Hangers

These hangers are also made in several colors but mainly support delicate knits. This makes them suitable for special outfits and costumes. Padded hangers are affordable and readily available in most stores. However, they are not as cheap as buying wooden hangers in bulk.

Non-slip hangers

These types of hangers are ideal for strappy clothes or silky materials. The primary purpose is to prevent the cloth from falling off. Hence, they are specifically designed to hold light materials.

Wooden hangers

Unlike the three hangers mentioned above, wooden hangers serve more functions. This is particularly relatable when you buy wooden hangers in bulk. They are suitable for strappy dresses, silky materials, special outfits, jeans, T-shirts, and many other dress types.

When you visit an online shopping store, you will see wooden hangers in categories, including wooden hanger for pants.

Why Wooden Hangers are the Best for Your Closet

The Extra Benefits of Using Wooden Hangers

Other hangers are not bad, but it is safe to say wooden hangers are the best of them all. Apart from the versatility, wooden hangers are easy to maintain. This is why most people shop for wooden hangers wholesale since they can store a large quantity for a long time. Wooden hangers also add elegance to your wardrobe. Also, it increases the lifespan of your clothes because they would not easily sag.

A wooden hanger for pants is the best because the cloth weight will not affect the middle of the hanger. This is because wooden hangers are built to carry extra weights than the remaining types. You can trust wooden hangers to serve more functions than metal hangers that look pretty heavy. If you are all about elegance, you sure do not need a hanger that is heavy and non-pretty to the eyes.

Before wrapping up, understand that wooden hangers are more eco-friendly than the others. Hence, it is only reasonable to promote the cause ecosystem agencies and governments are fighting for. Use wooden hangers today, and you will not regret it.


Having known the various types of hangers and the possible best one for you, what next? It would help if you considered getting wooden hangers wholesale from reputable suppliers. If you are tired of broken plastic hangers, then step up your game by buying from the best in the market. You will enjoy the benefits of your wooden hanger to the maximum when you use reputable sources. Contact Greenliving today to give your clothes the proper treatment they deserve.

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