What is a Natural Loofah Sponge and How Should You Use One?

Feb. 23, 2022 | Written by Lana Kisner

A natural loofah sponge is an eco-friendly alternative for your bathroom or kitchen. Loofah sponges are made from dried gourds, they’re biodegradable, and their texture gives them excellent scrubbing abilities.

Loofah sponges are easy to use and easy to care for. Let’s take a closer look at what a natural loofah sponge is and how you can use one in your home.

What are Natural Loofah Sponges Made of?

Natural Loofah Sponges

Natural loofah sponges are made from the dried fruit of the loofah gourd, which is in the same family as cucumbers. They come in different shapes and sizes, and often have multiple holes carved out of them (similar to Swiss cheese). Loofahs can be used either dry or wet, though using them wet lets you take advantage of their natural ability to absorb water.

Natural loofah sponges are available as loofah pads and loofah blocks. Loofah pads are usually sold pre-cut into individual pieces, while loofah blocks can be purchased whole and then cut into smaller sponges.

Loofah pads are very similar to bath sponges and can be used in a similar fashion. They may come as flat circular pieces or thicker and more rounded like a normal sponge.

Loofahs can also come as one solid piece. Solid loofah blocks can be cut into smaller pieces and have many small indentations throughout their surface that make them ideal for scrubbing.

How to Use a Natural Loofah Sponge

Natural Loofah Sponge

Natural loofah sponges are great to use in the bathroom or kitchen and make an excellent eco-friendly replacement for traditional sponges and synthetic loofahs.

Bathroom loofahs are typically used wet, though they can also be used dry as a back or foot scrubber. The small ridges and holes of loofahs allow them to catch dirt and dead skin cells as they are scrubbed across the body and are thus best used in a circular motion.

Natural loofah sponges can also be used in the kitchen. Unlike regular sponges, loofahs don’t absorb oil, which makes them ideal for this purpose. Despite their scrubbing ability, their natural fibers also won’t scratch your dishes, so they can be used on finer cookware without damaging it.

To use a loofah in the kitchen, first soak it in water for a few minutes to soften it up. Then use a dish soap or detergent to scrub pots and pans.

How to Care for Your Natural Loofah Sponge

The many holes and crevices of a natural loofah sponge can fill with grime and bacteria when not cared for properly. The best way to care for your sponge is to regularly rinse it under cold water and wring it out well. Bacteria breeds in moist environments, so it is also important to let it dry completely after each use.

Natural loofah sponges are biodegradable and will disintegrate over time. You should change your sponge if grime and food build up in it, or every two to three months as it becomes too small to use.

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