Why Do You Need Wholesale Dry Brushes?

Written by Aisha Abimbola

Why Do You Need Wholesale Dry Brushes?

Dry brushing is a process that eradicates dead cells on the skin using a bristle brush. This helps improve the immune system and helps the body fight infectious substances. It also smoothens the skin and makes it appear brighter. Several suppliers, both onsite and online, deliver dry brush wholesale. However, you need to understand the benefits of dry brushing and the qualities to look out for in a reputable supplier.

Top 5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to remove the harmful toxins present in the skin. Dry brushing provides several benefits to the body. Doctors worldwide have identified the solutions dry brushing offers for patients with skin-related diseases. However, the top 5 benefits are further explained below.

1. Removal of Toxins

One of the primary functions of dry brushing is to remove toxins from the skin. While brushing, the pores are stimulated, which leads to the removal of toxins alongside sweats. This also improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

2. Relaxes the State of the Body

Several shower brushes for the body perform the same effect as massage. You will mostly feel this effect in a relaxed and dark environment. However, it is best to use a soft brush, which reduces the appearance of cottage cheese on the body, also known as cellulite.

3. It Boosts Circulation

Research shows that a display of redness after dry brushing proves a certain level of circulation. The body responds to dry brushing by circulating blood to areas with low concentration. Hence, you need not bother about skin irritation, as it is a common effect.

4. Invigorating and Energizing

Beyond the body circulation, dry brushing helps to relieve stress. It energizes the body, giving a feeling of satisfaction. Although some people complain about skin drying out after brushing, it can be prevented using appropriate equipment from Greenliving.

5. Plumps the Skin

Dry brushing causes the skin to be plump, reducing the apparent effect of cellulite. The plumpness is also a reflection that the treatment removed oil and dirt on the skin. Dry brushing always feels good to the skin when it does not involve a complex application process.

Choosing the Best Dry Brush Wholesale from Greenliving

It may be quite a task when deciding the best supplier of dry brush wholesale. However, you can save the stress by ordering dry brush wholesale from Greenliving. The brand has built a good reputation over the years for the following reasons.

  • Greenliving uses eco-friendly products, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our products made from zero-formaldehyde, non-radioactive, all-natural materials.
  • GreenLiving provides the most economical and sustainable solution for home products, while also being the best quality.
  • Greenliving sells products that are price friendly, our products out of our factory go directly to you. You can get favourable discounts if you buy in bulk.
  • Greenliving offers free shipping on orders above $35.
  • Warranty & Support:
    • Support 24/7: Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • 30 days return: Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange.


Many dermatologists commonly recommend dry brushing. The glowing skin of celebrities is often a result of regular dry brushing. You can talk to your dermatologist about the best shower brushes for the body suitable for you. Since skin types and textures vary, you need to tailor the brush to your preference. As stated earlier, you may need to visit Greenliving to select from the varieties of brushes available.

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